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Planet earth. Year 61 since the creation of the world wide web

2050 BC

The Internet had the potential to transform our societies, create dialogue, expand our horizons and develop our ingenuity.

But it wasn’t like that at all.

We thought the answer to everything was on the web. We stopped imagining, telling stories and writing with creativity, using only templates, recipes and formulas …

With time, we succumbed to two powerful villains that ended up destroying our ability to think creatively: COPY CAT and PROCRASTINATION BEAST.

Earth became a grey and desolate planet.

Earth lost its Mojo.

Coco Station para escape rooms

League of escape room owners fighting anticreativity

Escape room owners worldwide decided to unite and fight against the anticreativity beasts!

They launched escape room after escape room, new quests, games, challenges…

But the beasts were powerful and they were losing the battle.

They’d heard about a legendary team of copywriters, storytellers and creatives who had travelled far into the depths of the universe to look for solutions to the plummeting levels of creativity on Earth.

Rumours had it they discovered a small planet full of springs rich in imagination, divergent thinking and curiosity – Planet Coco.

At Coco Station – besides having a blast! – they started developing antidotes and “creative treatments” extracted from its waters to restore the power of human stories!

Tere Rodriguez copywriter for escape rooms

Who commands Coco Station?

Sydney Kovaks

Sydney – transmedia copywriter and author -, leads our happy crew.

In her many intergalactic journeys, Sydney hasn’t met any other being with an innate ability to tell wonderful stories and create universes comparable to the human being’s.

And, for that reason, she’s committed to the fight against the vicious attack creativity is suffering on planet earth!

Dozens of cosmic travellers like yourself beam themselves up to Coco Station every day hoping to reverse the attack suffered by their creativity.

Are you game?

Come on! What’s a little atomic rattle? Our “Creative Treatments” will regenerate your capacity to fascinate your escape room’s clients in all your digital platforms and points of contact!

These are the “Creativity Regenerating” treatments at Coco Station

Copy and Storytelling for Escape Rooms

Transmediatic copy and storytelling for escape room launches!

You are a survivor!

You live, dream and tell immersive stories!

You are one of the protectors of creativity on planet earth!

But have you been able to translate the fascinating universe that you have created to the digital screen?

Do you know how to convey the right point of intrigue without revealing too many secrets?

Can you compete in Google with other escape rooms in your city?

Our Copywriting, Storytelling and Content for escape rooms treatments will differentiate you from your competitors and immerse your clients in the fascinating world you have created even before crossing your mysterious threshold!

Web Design and Branding

Web design and branding for escape rooms

Fresh in the escape room business and need a brand-new website to capture your clients’ imagination?

The old web you created five years ago on your own is doing nothing other than embarrassing you and scaring customers away?

You understand a “good enough website” will not do it anymore but don’t want to leave a fortune creating a professional web?

Do you need a multilingual website to attract foreign escape room fans?
As the only creators of specialised multilingual websites for escape room business in the universe, we can help!

Video Script Writing and Creative Video Filming

Video script writing and creative video production for escape rooms

Are you keen to incorporate quality videos to your escape room stories 
but can’t afford the exorbitant prices some professionals in Planet Earth are asking for?

Do you want your customers to lose themselves in your story right from the start 
but don’t have the means to create a truly outstanding video?

Do you want to spread the word about your escape room business 
but don’t know how to promote your stories without giving too much away and/or breaking the bank?

No worries, we’ve got you covered!

The team of Escape Room Script Writers and Videographers at Coco Station will whip up a fun, quality video for your escape room game that’ll seduce customers on your website and have their hearts racing from the get-go!

Interactive Escape Books

Coco Station’s Interactive Books

At Coco Station we manufacture the most exciting interactive escape games in the universe!
Intrigue, emotion, narrative, and lots of fun anywhere, any time!

Try resolving all the challenges in our interactive books and you’ll see the amount of “eustress” or positive stress that you generate!

In addition to encouraging heaps of logical thinking and offering hours of fun!

So, if you’re looking for smart presents that don’t cost a fortune, try our interactive escape books!

And if you want to spend a very entertaining time with family and friends, try reading them together!

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