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Your escape room business’ email marketing may be dead or alive, like Schrödinger’s cat

Has email marketing left us for good? Yes? Not? Fin out how to keep it alive and make it work to its maximum potential for your escape room business!     Performed today, most of us would consider it to be an extremely cruel experiment… Right? Putting a cat inside[...]

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“What’s in it for me?” Or your escape room’s clients’ “Iron Man Attitude”

It would be fair to say that your escape room's client is rather egocentric Not unlike Tony Stark. Not unlike Iron Man. Find out what you need to do to capture your escape room's client's attention and seduce that "Me Me Me!" kind of person with your copy!    [...]

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The User Experience of your Escape Room’s Website must be a utopian paradise like “Islandia”

  And here we are again with another of our ridiculous but somewhat entertaining comparisons...:) Yes, today we juxtapose the user experience of your escape room's website to Islandia! What the # $@&%*! is Islandia and what does it have to do with anything web-related? Keep reading to find out![...]

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How to create a powerful website for your escape room business. PS You need Thor’s Hammer!

What does your escape room's website need to captivate your client and lead him/her towards the BOOK NOW button? Find out here! Hint: You're going to need the help of two of the "gods" with most followers on social media!   Mjolnir. One of the most powerful weapons of Nordic[...]

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Copywriting lessons from “Game of Thrones” you can apply to your escape rooms business

ATENCIÓN: ¡SPOILER ALERTS! We're seriously obsessed. When finally - after having survived those 10 long months without watching Game of Thrones (wouldn’t it be great if the writers somehow had the ability to accelerate the process!) -  we all meet on Mondays (Australian time) to see each new episode, all[...]

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How to fight your clients’ “almost booking” and how to create a troll-free-zone in your escape room’s website

You can see it in their faces... They are fascinated... They love your webpage ... They’re captivated by your images, by your stories, your games... But, suddenly, when you thought that their finger was about to press the Book Now button, something happens! Suddenly, it changes direction only to rest[...]

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Digital communication lessons from Johnny Mnemonic

  (Or why you must search for your escape room’s target audience at all costs!)     "I want my shirts laundered like they do at the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo". That was his ambition. That was Johnny’s aim in life. And that was how he explained it to those[...]

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Google is a Shape Shifter and why your escape room business must always be local search-ready!

Thanks to one of its latest transformations, when you perform a search on Google, this very canny search engine will first display its own properties on the screen: paid ads, Knowledge panel, local packages, reviews carousels, online stores, news carousels, etc., Lost among all that real estate – the very[...]

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How to write a landing page for your Escape Room that causes a bang as loud as Thanos’!

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven't yet watched Avengers: Infinity Wars, please skip to What's a Sales or Landing Page and why does your escape room business need one!  Wow! And what a bang it was! Thanos left us all flabbergasted and imploring to some (any) almighty being not to take[...]

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In a parallel universe, your escape room business might not need a copywriter. In this one, it does!

You? You don't need a copywriter? After all, everyone knows how to write, right? You are willing to pay for the web designer, for an SEO specialist, a graphic designer ... But, not for the copywriter. You’d rather save all that hard-earned cash! Find out why you DO need a[...]

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