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Your escape room business’ email marketing may be dead or alive, like Schrödinger’s cat

Has email marketing left us for good?Yes? Not?Fin out how to keep it alive and make it work to its maximum potential for your escape room business!  Performed today, most of us would consider it to be an extremely cruel experiment…Right?Putting a cat inside a completely opaque and sealed box with a mechanism that links a Geiger Counter to a hammer, and under the hammer a glass jar with a dose of lethal cyanide that could end up killing the cat!W-o-w!Obviously, not something we’d casually and unquestioningly applaud these days.Ok, perhaps the Geiger Counter might not detect any electron and the mechanism would never be activated but just locking the poor feline inside a box with a 50% chance of becoming radioactively cooked, is a sure way to arouse a lot of anger.And for a good reason!  Yep, we’ re talking about the experiment carried out by Erwin Schrödinger - one of the greatest minds of the 20th century back in 1935.As it has been explained ad nauseum, the quantum physicist proposed that only by opening the box would we find out what happened to the cat but until that moment it would be "both alive and dead at the same time".Don’t worry, we’re not about to go into too many details!If you are keen on a "light" explanation, Sheldon Cooper has got you covered: We’re moving on because what we really want is for you to see the parallel between Schrödinger's cat and email marketing, a digital marketing tool which at this point:

May both be alive or may have passed on to a better life.

Excuse me?Yes, bear with us!In the cat experiment, his aliveness or otherwise depended on the observer.In the case of your escape room business’ email marketing the burden is mainly on you.Sure, there are also many external factors that increase the chances that email marketing will not come out of the box alive.The imposition of the General Data Protection Regulation on May 25, 2018 for instance, is one of them.For many entrepreneurs this regulation has represented a lot of compliance work and many clients disappearing from their infamous lists.So it would not be wrong to infer that if we metaphorically locked the Mailchimp's monkey in a box, its chances of it surviving would be somewhat lower than Schrödinger's cat, given the fact that it starts the experiment in what’s considered a very weak state!Is that right?Does email marketing have barely no chances of survival?Let’s find out its odds!  Is email marketing dying?  Metaphors aside, statistics prove that email marketing is still breathing rather comfortably!In fact, email marketing is the preferred means of communication for 86% of entrepreneurs (source).According to DMA, email marketing has a median ROI of 122% – over 4x higher than other marketing formats including social media, direct mail, and paid search.And that’s without taking into account the ubiquity of mobile devices!Because, let’s not forget that 50% of all emails are open on mobile devices.And just you wait, because that percentage is about to grow a lot more!It’s predicted that by 2018 the number of mobile users will reach the astronomical figure of 4,680 million worldwide.In other words, everything points to the fact that email marketing will not only continue to breathe for quite some time yet but that it will emerge unscathed and triumphant from Schrödinger's famous box.But, of course, that depends on you.If you forget that such thing as email marketing exists…If you fall off the wagon and publish without commitment and periodicity…If you don’t offer relevant, practical information to your subscribers, your emails will not be opened nor read.And you would have lost your time and your money.If you continue talking only about you ...And of your offers ...And how wonderful you are ...You are going to sentence your escape room business’ email marketing before it has the opportunity to leave its quantum box and see the light of the day.    And you will most definitely not get the results you are hoping for.So, what do you have to do to prevent this from happening?  What do you have to do to ensure your escape room business’ email marketing campaigns are a success? Always be alert.Study the trends around you.And keep in mind that users are starting to trust businesses they know that all that advertising noise we constantly hear on the Internet.And that’s why more entrepreneurs are investing money in content marketing, influencer marketing, affiliate marketing and other methods designed to offer real value to their audience.Be one of them.How? What strategies can help you create a lasting conversation with your escape room’s clients via email?     Segment and keep the focus on your conversation!  You’re probably sick of hearing that you have to know your client as if it were your right hand.Well, as true as that statement is, it’s no longer enough.Now you have to analyse each step it takes.In addition to basic demographic data, you need to understand his or her level of commitment to your brand, especially when it comes to your email campaigns.

Does s/he open them?

Does s/he read them?

Does s/he click the links?

Which ones seem to capture their imagination the most?This analysis will allow you to segment your customers according to their level of commitment and interest and offer them valuable content that develops confidence in your brand and leads them to book/recommend/return to your escape room.The same applies to your sales funnel and your website.Don’t have time for all this kind of stuff?Fair enough!We wouldn’t be too kind on this sort of boring thing if we had an escape room to play with like you! But if you are going to take email marketing seriously (which as you can see, you should!) you need to segment your market according to their actions and commitment to your brand.Beware I’m not talking about male/female type segmentation!We’ve moved much beyond that!We’re talking about differentiating the person who keeps on clicking your links but doesn’t end up booking your room from the person who shows interest in only one type of themes from the person who is keen on team building exercises in escape rooms only…And so on and so forth…We are going down the very nitty gritty!Because, as MailChimp confirms, if your email campaign is properly segmented you will get an opening rate 14.64% more than if it isn’t.Not only that.You will receive 59.99% more clicks.And what does that mean?It means that, as Mailigen confirms, if your email contains information created specifically for the behaviour, preference, and stage of the life cycle of your client, your income will be 18 times greater than if it didn’t.Eighteen times more income in your pocket.Not bad!By segmenting intelligently, you also maximise the life cycle of your client, don’t forget!Today, we no longer aim at turning a potential client into a client and then forgetting about him or her!None of that! firing him when he had already bought!Today our goal is to ensure that they come back.Yes, that principle works even for escape room businesses.Even if you only have one room.Because one day you might want to have two rooms.Or three.And incorporate a virtual reality section.Or two.Or the latest trend in immersive quests!You may even want to open an escape room chain someday!Right?For that reason, and many more, you need to maximise the useful life of your customers.And that's where email marketing comes in so handy.So keep the conversation always open with well-written, well-designed emails that reflect your customers’ interests, preferences and needs.  Customise and conquer!  Do you know what’s the key element of a truly empathic conversation?Showing interest in the other person. To listen actively.To maintain eye contact.And although in the digital world it is not easy to demonstrate that level of interest for the other person, there is a very powerful tool that can help you do just that.We are talking about personalisation.But how do you personalise an email?Start by addressing the user by their correct name and include it in the email subject whenever you can.In addition to making it clear for them from the outset that you email is not spam, when they see their name in the subject of the email, the subscriber has the feeling that you are speaking directly to them.Try to refer to that person's name at least once in the body of the text.Most mass email platforms allow you to incorporate a code tag in both the subject and the body of the text.And whenever possible, make sure you share content that is relevant to their preferences.That is, if you’ve analysed your users’ behaviour and have detected a certain group that show no interest in your themed horror rooms, don’t insist.Talk to them about the other adventures they can’t miss out on their birthday!About interstellar journeys!Underground lairs!Or superheroes in distress!And if you can support your personalised email marketing campaigns with videos, even better!An email with a video has a 50% more chance to be clicked than an email without a video. Feeling a little queasy after all this segmentation and personalisation talk?Forgive us! We know it can be a little overwhelming!But, it's good overwhelming!All these tips and strategies will help you spark your escape room business’ email marketing and make sure it comes out more alive than dead.

So if you already have enough to worry about trying to grow your business

and you find it impossible to think about writing your emails, publish them, segment them,

customise them and on publishing them with videos, talk to us!

That's why we're in Coco Station!

To tell your fascinating story and keep your client's attention on you, always.

 Can’t wait to chat!



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“What’s in it for me?” Or your escape room’s clients’ “Iron Man Attitude”

It would be fair to say that your escape room's client is rather egocentricNot unlike Tony Stark.Not unlike Iron Man.Find out what you need to do to capture your escape room's client's attention and seduce that "Me Me Me!" kind of person with your copy!  

Most would qualify Tony Stark as a selfish #$@&%*!

And would argue that all he ever has in mind is fame, glory and cold hard cash.

  Imagen de: That he’s conceited, irresponsible and doesn’t give a damn about anyone outside his circle.And that the only question in his mouth is this: "What's in it for me?" But we all know that, thankfully, that Tony belongs to the past.That’s the Pre-Avengers Tony.Having a team of that caliber by your side and a wonderful woman like Pepper indulging almost his every whim has softened our man of steel’s heart.But, let's try to go back for a while to that complicated man we knew.That cynical man who only cared about one person in this world: Tony Stark.Because that old mindset is exactly the same mindset your escape room business’ client reaches your website with.  But are clients really that self-centered?

Yep, clients are egocentric.


Aren’t you egocentric when you try to buy a new razor on the Internet?

 Are you interested in knowing the many achievements of the Gilette brand, for instance?Are you interested in learning if the provider of gift bags you are trying to buy for your business has managed to dominate the market in less than a year, driving competitors crazy?Or do you want to know if you can print your logo on those bags without having to buy a minimum quantity, on any material, at a good price and without headaches?Ok. Perhaps, the word egocentrism is not the right one.It is, rather, a combination of factors.Among them, the fact that we’ve reached information overload levels.Because this is what compels your potential client – who’s already focused on the benefits for him/her and has no time to lose - not to want to waste any time fooling around and finding out in a matter of seconds what is he or she about to get out of your escape room business. 

That’s why, your first step after defining the infamous "What's in it for me" is this:

Make sure your current advertising message correctly expresses the value and benefits of your escape room for the client.

 Ah! But that’s not that easy when your business is an immersive experience?What other benefits can your client seek other than to “immerse” and have as much fun as possible?Just bear with me.Imagine you sell T-shirts online.In that case, the benefits for your clients could be as follow:

Ø  They are getting a dazzling quality t-shirt that would turn traffic at a very reasonable price,

Ø  They are getting a super comfortable shirt that will prevent the typical annoying problems one gets when wearing tight clothes,

Ø  They can even get the same T-shirt in different colours and not worry about what to match it with!

Ø  They can personalise it with their favourite images or logo of their business,

Ø  They have pre and after-sales support from a friendly team,

Ø  Easy payment platform,

Ø  No delivery fees in metropolitan areas,

Ø  No-questions-asked returns policy…

This would be the "What's in it for me" of your imaginary online T-shirt business.But you own an escape room…Or a virtual reality arcade…Or you are an escape room designer…And have nothing to do with T-shirts.Sure.Keep reading.We are getting there!  What kind of benefits can an escape room website highlight for its clients?  We always insist that the story of your escape room is one of your best assets.And that’s totally true.But, keep in mind that your client cares about many other things besides a well thought-out immersive story.Your client cares about whether or not:

Ø  Your game master is professional and knows how to respect the rhythm of each team, contributing when necessary or when asked.

Ø  Your challenges and puzzles are exciting and of high quality.

Ø  You have spent a lot of effort in your escape room’s décor to create an unforgettable immersive adventure for them.

Ø  During team building sessions you allow one of the team members (usually the “chief”) to observe them from the control room.

Ø  They can pay comfortably and safely on your website or if you only accept cash payments at your physical location.

Ø  You have a return policy.

Ø  You offer some type of refreshment.

Ø  You offer sort of discount when they return for a second time to try another room.

Ø  You have deals with other local businesses to offer a complete experience (restaurants, bars, massage centres, etc.).

 The list goes on!But, unfortunately, very few escape room businesses clearly expose the benefits for their clients in their website copy.So, please don’t forget - mindset Tony Stark!  

Your client arrives at your escape room’s website with a pre-avengers Tony Stark mindset!

So show him or her what benefits can expect clearly and quickly.

Need help?

That’s exactly what the copywriters at Coco Station are for?

We specialise in communication for the exciting immersive games industry.

And we know how to capture the attention of the Tony Starks in your life!

Let’s talk!


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The User Experience of your Escape Room’s Website must be a utopian paradise like “Islandia”

 And here we are again with another of our ridiculous but somewhat entertaining comparisons...:)Yes, today we juxtapose the user experience of your escape room's website to Islandia!What the # $@&%*! is Islandia and what does it have to do with anything web-related?Keep reading to find out!  Are you familiar with the utopian classic by Austin Tappan Wright? Bet you are!Published in 1942 by Tappan Write, a law professor at the University of California, Berkeley, "Islandia" features a utopian, progressive civilization located on an idyllic island in the South Pacific where technology is virtually non-existent. An island closed to the rest of the world where love for geographical space and family reigns over everything else.In fact, the Islandian language created by Tappan Wright even has a word that defines that love for the space that one occupies on Planet Earth: "alia", a concept that is cared for and transmitted from generation to generation.In Islandia, that love translates into the absence of selfishness or personal interests.It translates into harmony with the environment.And it’s reflected by a sense of total satisfaction with the place where one is in the world.That extreme satisfaction experienced in "Islandia" is what we want to be able to reproduce on your escape room’s business website.Coco Station, you’ve gone too far!Nope!Not at all!Plus you know how in Coco Station we like to transport you to wonderful worlds with our blog!And what better than a paradise where everything works perfectly like "Islandia" to establish a parallel with your website’s user experience on your, don’t you think?Alright but one step at a time!  What is the User Experience (UX) of your Escape Room’s website?  Imagine that your website is Tappan Wright’s Islandia.And you, a visitor arriving at this wondrous world.


The emotions you live, the connections you establish, the information you obtain, and the satisfaction you feel in Islandia is your experience of the place.

If everything works perfectly ...

If the locals treat you super nice and you feel at home immediately ...

If the place is lovely and every corner you turn is more pleasant than the previous one ...

If you don’t seem to get lost and find what you’re looking for easily ...

Then, your experience of "Islandia" will be 10/10.Or rather, your web experience will be 10/10.And when you return home, you won’t be able to stop talking about "Islandia" because the experience would have been so positive in this utopian space, that you will constantly want to relive it in your mind and share it with everyone!But then, what makes your escape room’s website’s user experience remarkable?Keep reading to find out! 🙂  How do you create an extraordinary User Experience for visitors arriving at your ER's website?  Why is the word “extraordinary” underlined?Because a half-hearted effort will no longer work for you.

Say goodbye to, "I’m not gonna border with professional photos because people don’t care anyway"…

Or "I’m going to write my own copy because anyone can write website copy!...

Or even, "I think I’m gonna to leave my web design to my neighbor’s nephew ‘cos he does some IT related staff at uni"...

That sort attitude is doomed to fail.That sort of attitude, today, will do you a lot of harm.

Because that sort of attitude is what causes a negative user experience.

It is what makes the client sense a lack of professionalism on your part.

It is what makes him or her feel lost when they should know perfectly well where to find what they’re looking for.

It is what makes them feel uncomfortable with the digital space you’ve created.

With the message you’ve written.

With the way you introduce yourself.

That’s why, we underline the word extraordinary.A "meh" kind of user experience today is going to hurt you a lot.If you want the person who arrives at your website to feel as happy as the inhabitants of Tappan Wright’s "Islandia" in their earthly paradise, we recommend you pay attention to the following aspects of your escape room business’ website:  1. First of all, ask what’s your user’s vision of that ideal space.  As we explained in "Digital communication lessons from Johnny Mnemonic (Or why you must search for your escape room’s target audience at all costs!)", if you don’t know your target audience’s preferences, it will be impossible for you to create a space where he or she feels at ease.It makes sense, doesn’t it?If the person most important to you feels irritated by the way you talk to him or her ...Or by the fact that you use stock images ...Or by the chaos that seems to reign on your website ... 


 That person is going to desert you and find another paradise that responds much better to their needs.So, investigate, spy, listen, snoop ...Do what you have to do to develop a web page that not only reflects the current trends in design, but also, and above all, your target customers’ taste and preferences.  2.    Loading speed!  Don’t you feel frustrated when you have to wait for a website to load while looking at that darn little clock?Your client too.Every fraction of a second counts.Every fraction of a second increases the chances that your client will disappear in cyberspace and will never be seen again.We mean it.What can you do to prevent the loading speed of your website from frustrating your clients and taking them directly to your competitors?

On the one hand, you can optimize the images before publishing them on the web. JPEGmini or Tinypng will help you do it for free.

On the other, you can use Wordpress plugins such as Super GT caché or W3 Total Cache to help you minimize and compress files.

And on the other hand, you can trust a professional web designer to take care of this important aspect of your website's user experience.

Just like any other traveler (intergalactic or not), your client likes to navigate your space quickly and smoothly.That’s why, once you’ve managed your website’s loading speed, the next step is this:  3.      Make it easy for them to navigate  Logic.Let the logic dominate in your design.If they want to get to know you better > direct link to your About Us page.Services?Clearly indicated.Shop?Easy access with a single click.

Do you think they have the time and desire to get lost because in your website’s complex architecture?

Or to zoom in to make your writing bigger?

Or to turn off all those pop ups that don’t stop appearing?



Clarity and logic must prevail in your navigation.The question is, how do you know what is logical?Because, what seems logical to you, can be chaos for your client!Again, trust web design professionals.They know exactly what form the architecture of your website should take so that your user can navigate comfortably and easily at all times.  4.      Make it easy to navigate on mobile devices  Did you know that on Planet Earth there are more mobile phones than people?For you, the entrepreneur of this world, that means that for the first time in the history of humanity, you have the opportunity to reach and be reached 24/7.For this reason, we implore you to optimize your website for mobile devices and, above all, to ensure that it directs your client through your digital storefront with the same logic we spoke about before.  5.      Guide them with clear words  Words are magical.Stories are magical.On your escape room’s website, words and stories have the power to captivate and connect emotionally with your users and make them feel immediately in an “Islandia”-like space that they never want to leave.But, your words are also powerful visual aids you can use to guide them towards what they’re looking for and help you guide them towards the final purchase / booking.So, please, be clear.Tell them what you want them to do - call them to action with a concise text located near the information they need to move on.Use a strategic approach and place your calls to action at the point where you prepare the visitor to make a decision.  6.     Methods and simplicity of payment  If you apply the above factors to your escape room’s website, your users would enjoy every second of their experience with you.But did they book an experience in your escape room?They didn’t?Maybe they need more time.But, perhaps they’ve encountered some sort of obstacle that has made them change their mind when making their final decision.

Unexpected costs when paying?

A complicated and/or long payment process?

A clear lack of security?

Prices in foreign currency?

Important payment information in another language?You must optimize your payment process!Guide them and inform them about the steps they are taking and those they are about to take.Eliminate any unnecessary fields in your payment and shipping forms ...And you’ll considerably reduce the chances of them backing down As you can see, your website’s "Islandia" is very real.The feelings your users’ experience in your website are very real.If these are 100% positive and they fall in love with it, they will return.

They will be entertained.

They will book your escape room.

And they will talk about you.

If they are not, they’ll look for another paradise where they can feel much more at home. 

And that’s why the team at Coco Station recommends that you take your users’ experience very seriously.

Starting with a bit of self-analysis.  🙂

Are you game?

How about putting your website’s UX to the test?

Send us your escape room’s URL and we’ll send you our most honest opinion!

Write to us!

Let’s create that perfect "Islandia" for your users!

One that makes them feel super comfy with you and the experiences you offer!


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How to create a powerful website for your escape room business. PS You need Thor’s Hammer!

What does your escape room's website need to captivate your client and lead him/her towards the BOOK NOW button?Find out here!Hint: You're going to need the help of two of the "gods" with most followers on social media! Mjolnir.One of the most powerful weapons of Nordic mythology.Inseparable companion of Asgard’s favourite golden boy, the God of Thunder.Thor's hammer, as you well know, is unstoppable.Its effects, demolishing.But without Mjolnir, Thor would not be Thor.Let's admit it!We know, it hurts.Without Mojlnir, Thor would still be a very cool divinity, but as far strength and power levels, it would definitely fall back in the scale of almighty gods...Plus how would poor Thor be supposed to keep cosmic equilibrium with so much evil being constantly annoying him?  Foto de Starting with his brother Loki!Well, there you go.We rest our case.Mjolnir is super powerful.And so is your escape room business’ website.Your business’ website is like Thor's hammer.Yes, for sure - your business is worth its price in gold, be it an escape room, a virtual reality arcade or a thematic restaurant ...Whatever it is.You have invested a lot of time, a lot of money and a lot of effort.Like Thor, it's a very cool business, we're sure. 

But, without a truly powerful web, you won’t be able to fight off all those many villains that constantly lurk in your universe.

 Neither will you be able to generate the necessary impact for your clients to choose you and only you.Especially clients who reach you via digital channels which, are the majority today.It’s true, having a viable business doesn’t only depend on having a spectacular website.There are many other factors that will decide if you continue to sit on the throne or if you go home without any possibilities: from your attitudes and skills to your ability to delegate, organise, plan, sale, etc ...But, without a truly intelligent and powerful website, the odds that you end up lost in a bottomless black hole are considerable.Sorry, Coco Station, but that's super ambiguous.What do you mean that your website must be truly powerful?We are about to put some clarity into this notion, but first, a note of caution.Web page design, like the universe itself, is in a state of constant evolution.What five years ago was the ultimate in design, today might have us in stitches.And surely, in five years’ time, what we are doing today might seem total nonsense.And imagine when Skynet takes over planet earth!So, if you must take something home, take this: 

An effective website will always one that offers an unbeatable user experience to the Odin of your business.

To whom?To your clientThe centre of your universe.And what does your escape room business website need so that Odin is enthralled and compelled to press the Book Now button?You have to lay the red carpet for your almighty! And this carpet must incorporate three key elements:

1. Graphic design and spectacular branding

2. Smart and responsive web development

3. Persuasion and storytelling

That’s the trio that’ is going to make Odin give you a place next to him in Valhalla!   Spectacular graphic design and branding  If you’ve read our "Digital communication lessons taken from Johny Mnemonic (or why must seek for your target audience at all costs", you’d know that the first step in designing your business website is to get to know your ideal client.So can we assume that you’ve done your homework and that by now you know the person for whom you created your escape room business to perfection?Awesome!In other words, you master their language.You empathise with their vision of the world.You know their sense of aesthetics.Now, it's time to create a brand that encompasses those elements.Now, it's time to develop a story.But hold on!Refrain from using the standard labyrinth, crossed keys or question mark like so many other escape rooms!What do you reckon your clients will think when they find more of the same when they reach your website?What are you telling them?You are telling them you have not made an effort!You are telling them that you can’t be bothered to be different!That you don’t really care what they think!So you need to pay a lot of attention to all aspects of your brand's graphic design: starting with the logo, and including your colour palette, your fonts, icons, photographs, etc ... and make you’re your branding is meticulously reproduced on your website and any other advertising material (digital or not).Launching an escape room or any other type of business without a spectacular branding is like jumping headfirst from Asgar without Heimdal preparing the rainbow bridge. Very bad news.  Smart and responsive web development  Here's where Thor's hammer is going to come in handy.Because your website’s design gives you the power pulverise your competitors.And to demolish any doubts your clients may have about you.With your website design, you have to leave them (almost) senseless with so much wonder!And no, don’t tell us that what really matters is the stories in your escape room ...The puzzles ...The settings and atmosphere...The game master ...Of course, all that matters!But how will your clients know that all these elements are out-of-this-worldly if you don’t display them on your website?There you go.But you’re going to tell us that in your line of business you can’t show too much because otherwise people would discover what's in the room and the surprise element will vanish.We hear you, but: that's why you need intelligent design.Design that introduces your clients to the universe that you’ve created. Design that creates expectation. That incites you to immerse yourself in your stories. That instigates them to talk about you. And that differentiates you from the rest.How do you do it?

To start with, pleeease! Don’t ever try to make a website on your own.

Those days have long gone.Today, you need professional websites with intuitive, clear and direct navigation.A logical architecture dressed in style.Yes, looks are important.And they have to match the branding you've created.But, above all, you need a website where your Odin can make his reservations without any obstacles.No challenges or puzzles of any kind here, please.One of the goals of your escape room’s website is to make your customer’s journey as easy as possible.Do they want to book one of your rooms?Easy! A very clear button and super functional payment platform.Do they want to read testimonials from other clients?There they are – clearly indicated.Do they want to find your location from their mobile?No problem because your website is responsive.No need to zoom up and down.Or shrink and stretch the content!That belongs to the Middle Ages!Today your website must be designed for mobile devices.Under no circumstances can you have a website for your escape room that is not responsive.So, grab Thor's hammer and make sure that your website causes as much impact on PCs as it does on mobile devices!  Written Message Your words: talk about powerful weapons!Weapons of persuasion, of course!Use them intelligently, and you will have your Odin (meaning your client) wrapped around your finger!How?Copywriting and storytelling. What is copywriting?Copywriting is the art and science of writing intelligent messages designed to persuade and convert your audience.No, writing persuasively is not at all like writing an essay in uni or an editorial article for a magazine.Persuasively writing each word has a main function: to tell your story to fascinate and guide the reader towards your final goal, be it subscription, purchase, download, etc ...That is, the essence of copywriting lies in persuasion.Unfortunately, today that essence is increasingly more "decaff" because copywriting has become a confusing mix of ideas and definitions that leaves the rest of mortals without knowing how to apply it and wondering if it will have the desired results.

Some would tell you it's a matter of formulas.

Others that is a science.

Other that is an art.

Some would say that creativity has nothing to do with copywriting.

Others that a little.

And others, that a lot.

But, what’s very clear is that copywriting is, above all, persuasive writingWith the arrival of the interwebs we have all become "sellers".And most of our texts have become advertising texts.All of us promote projects, activities, products, companies, stories and escape rooms.And, therefore, our texts are persuasive texts.So, how do you persuade with copywriting?Copywriters have developed different formulas that are very useful as the basis of our texts.

But it takes a lot more than formulas to persuade a savvy client.

Formulas must be combined with the ever-changing laws of SEO ...

With the basic rules of text readability ...

You have to know how to structure a text so that it flows ...

You have to take into account the user's experience ...

The impact that texts will cause on mobile devices ...

And yes, it’s definitely important to be a creative person and to know how to find the perfect balance between formulas and storytelling.

Between metrics and creativity.Nope.It’s not easy.That’s why we humbly recommend you leave to professional copywriters (ahem, ahem) like the team of crazy minds that meet at Coco Station. And what about Storytelling?Storytelling is to use that wonderful power that we humans have to tell stories and translate them to the digital screen in a way that connects immediately with the reader.In marketing (digital or not), storytelling is a tactic used by designers, copywriters and advertisers to establish an emotional bond with the user, compelling him or her to focus on the story without realising that is actually focusing on a product.Is it necessary to go to such extremes?Do we all have to go around telling all stories?Well, yes because the world of business today is increasingly complicated.Storytelling greatly increases the chances that we have to establish an emotional bond with our client.Why?The digital user's brain releases dopamine when he lives or reads an emotional experience, of whatever kind: emotion, joy, surprise, sadness, etc ... That allows him to remember that feeling for much longer and with greater precision.In addition, today's consumers process up to 100,000 words in a day!A human brain can’t really make sense of the avalanche of information in today’s world and selects that which is different, like a narrative.And how do you share your stories with your client on your website?Storytelling can be transmitted through many media: blog, web, video, app, email, etc.In fact, the only limit is your imagination! As the owner of an escape room business, these two weapons (copywriting and storytelling) are the air you breathe.You don’t just tell stories.You make them reality.And don’t you think that you are not doing them justice if you don’t translate them properly to the digital screen?We do.And our hearts sink when we see so many stories that are not reaching their wonderful potential.And, that's why we're convinced that you need Mjolnir.Thor’s hammer will help you have a real impact with your brand, with your web design and with your digital writing.And if we need a hand dealing with Odin or Thor or any other of the wonderful deities in Asgard and/or other earthly or interplanetary dimensions, talk to us 🙂  

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Copywriting lessons from “Game of Thrones” you can apply to your escape rooms business

ATENCIÓN: ¡SPOILER ALERTS!We're seriously obsessed.When finally - after having survived those 10 long months without watching Game of Thrones (wouldn’t it be great if the writers somehow had the ability to accelerate the process!) -  we all meet on Mondays (Australian time) to see each new episode, all of us – young and young at heart, critical minds and softies – we share true tears of emotion.Alright, I might exaggerate a little.But no, really, we are passionate about a well-crafted work of art.And that’s why I decided to turn on the heater because "Winter is coming!!" and start writing about one of the best series in the history of the enchanting little box.Keep on reading!   So, are there any copywriting questions that can be asked and learned from Jon Snow, Sansa, the Mother of Dragons and all their compatriots? Plenty! 01 "You know nothing, Jon Snow" (Ygritte)    Many forget that whoever reigns today in the digital world could tomorrow easily be subjected to a " walk of shame" very much like the one poor Cersei endured stoically.That is, if we are lucky.Nothing lasts and everything has the potential to be improved upon.That's why we all must start from the understanding that what we know today about copywriting, digital content, digital commerce, social networks, etc. can very easily become totally irrelevant in a heartbeat.All those formulas, templates, infallible ingredients a lot of people swear by today, tomorrow can (and probably will) burn in the bonfire of change.And, us with them.So, be humble, Jon Snows of the virtual realm.Be very humble.  02 "When you play the Game of Thrones, you either win or die" (Cersei Lannister)  

 In the game of digital marketing and ecommerce, your competitors can be as oppressive as the cruel reign of the Lannisters.Today you are the undisputed monarch in Google…Tomorrow you make a simple mistake and your head rolls mercilessly through the bleak streets of the digital King's Landing.That’s why you need a group of courageous copywriters and creatives to protect you from life or death situations in this volatile and competitive environment.Who are these bold warriors who would cross oceans for you?SEO, Copywriting, Web design, and Branding.Treat them well…Make sure they remain harmonious…That they invest all their efforts to make you win and retain the first position in Google’s ranks…That they sell for you…And that they protect your “honour” and reputation in all domains of the interwebs.Your life depends on it.  03 “Hodor”   We all have a mission.Ours is to help you seduce your clients over and over again with persuasive, informative and enchanting words.Yours is to blow your customers’ minds with incredible immersive experiences in your escape room!And to make sure your customers wait for one of your new escape room experiences with as much anticipation as we do Game of Thrones!There are as many missions as people or businesses.As you recall, Hodor’s was to hold the door so that his good friend Brand could flee from the terrifying zombie like White Walkers.The difference between us and the good Hodor is that our mission and our unique sales proposition is very clear (or so it should be!).The poor giant, didn’t.He went through life articulating a single word without knowing that, in fact, that word summed up the essence of its existence in this cruel planet.Hold the doorHold the door.Fortunately, you don’t have to hold any door…But you do have to do everything in your power to translate the magic of your escape room experience in all your communications, digital or not.Try to bring your mission to the forefront of your business…Try to underline that differentiating element that makes your potential clients decide on you instead of the many other escape room businesses in the city.Is it the totally immersive environment in your escape room?The power of your stories?The use of virtual reality?Do you offer other enticing elements like food and beverage, for instance?Whatever it is, make sure you translate it in well-crafted words and you shall see that flow of clients that you crave for in your business.(BTW, thank you, good Hodor, for your copywriting lessons and for all the sacrifice you have endured during your life on TV).  04 "Information is key," Lord Varys to Tyrion Lannister   "Information is key. You have to know your enemy’s strategies and strengths. You have to know which of your friends are not your friends. "How wise is the damn eunuch!Always be vigilant! So true!On the one hand, study and analyse your digital "enemy".And always walk one step ahead of him or her.On the other, don’t forget that keeping yourself informed about your customers is as important or even more, than having your enemy under control at all times.We, at Coco Station, are completely and utterly sure that they key to a truly persuasive text is to know how to connect with your potential clients.As simple as that.Whether you put a number seven or not in the title of your blog post, it might help you attract him or her.Or it might not.But if you know for sure what the client is looking for:What he/she needs. What he/she fears. Their expectations Their motivations. Their habits. Their sense of humour. The tone of voice in which they usually speak, etc.It will not be difficult for you to establish an emotional connection with that person that is so important to you.It’s a bit like if the wonderful Tordmund, the great leader of the Widlings, finally went on a date with Lady Brienne but ended up spending all their time together talking about him and his exploits without paying the slightest attention to that special person in front of him.Imagine the reaction of the great medieval fighter.A disaster waiting to happen.The copywriting lesson we get from the flourishing romance between these two screen giants is this:The goal of any copywriter or escape room owner wanting to write his or her own digital content should be to get readers to read their articles not only because they have aroused their curiosity with unexpected words such as "hidden power", "hypnotise", "sexy", or by placing the number seven at the beginning of the sentence... But because he or she is connecting emotionally with that person…He or she is resolving one of their problems...Or doubts…Or needs…And because he or she identifies with the tone of voice used in the text.His or her sense of humour.His or her references…Your primary objective must be to establish an emotional connection with the reader and create a dialogue with him or her.Obviously, you can’t do that without knowing the public you write for in depth.Based on that knowledge, it’s a lot easier to offer creative, informative, highly legible texts that connect at an emotional level…Texts that are adapted to the digital environment and that seduce both potential customers and Google's robots.That’s the key to your digital content.So, leave the copywriting formulas aside for a moment.And the templates.You are a creative soul.Let it show.Let all that inventiveness that you’ve put in practice when developing your escape rooms translate into smart, persuasive and creative words that entice your customers!Don’t trust magic formulas!There are just too many variables that come into play when writing digital texts!  What other copywriting lessons can we learn from the characters that keep us glued to the screen every week? Patience and perseverance.To succeed in any business takes time.The world of escapism is no different.But in the end, your perseverance will be rewarded, as it was Sansa's when she finally met her brother John Snow.Must admit it! Tear-jerking moment to the max! So, what are your options then?1.       You can teleport to Coco Station and bathe yourself in our fountains of creativity to start writing truly smart and captivating texts that do justice to your games!2.       If you are not too keen on having your atoms travel across millions of light years, let us help you 🙂  We are the only digital communication and marketing agency specialised in escape rooms. Can’t wait to learn and tell your story! See you on the other side!   

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How to fight your clients’ “almost booking” and how to create a troll-free-zone in your escape room’s website

You can see it in their faces...

They are fascinated...

They love your webpage ...

They’re captivated by your images, by your stories, your games...

But, suddenly, when you thought that their finger was about to press the Book Now button, something happens!

Suddenly, it changes direction only to rest on the mouse and move to another tab.


What the #$@&%*! Happened?

Keep reading to find out!

  Right when you could already see another booking in your shopping cart, they go and change their mind without as much as a simple farewell.And you and your escape room’s website have been relegated to get lost in the bookmark menu, like so many others like you which they had the intention to book but never did.Why!?Why didn’t they?  

Everything was going so well!

How can they leave me at the last minute?

After all that time we’d been com communicating by email, on social media...!

How can they just go like that?

And you continue to mortify yourself, wondering where the hell you’d wronged them?

Don’t punish yourself for that "almost" booking.

Because maybe, in this case, it's not your fault.

Maybe the culprit causing your clients’ flight is a terrifying "troll".

Yes, a troll that likes to sneak into their mind at the very last minute to whisper eerie words that make them rush out of your escape room’s website.

Don’t you know who we’re talking about?

It’s known on the Internet as "Timor", Latin word that translates as Fear.This green beast appears suddenly in your escape room’s website and starts to instigate fear in your clients.Fear to waste too much money ...Are you going to waste the money that’s so hard to earn in this escape room bullshit? he whispers ...Fear to be ridiculed ...That’s idiotic! Only the deluded fall far this stupid games! insists the very unpleasant creature...Fear of looking "silly" ...Are you going to trust people who don’t even show their faces?!Yes, that’s what that insolent monster with unpleasant breath does - it instigates Fear in your clients.And what are they to do, poor things, other than react instinctively and disappear from your web?  So, can you tame this beast?  And if so, how?Is not that easy.The Fear Troll will always appear to your clients.Fear will always whisper how ridiculous it will feel to book an escape adventure like yours, trusting someone like you, falling into the sales trap...But, there’s something you can do.You can troll the troll!You can block him from entering your realm!Create a troll-free zone on your website!And make sure no trolls of any description scare your customers away!  Cancel the Fear Troll’s power with Copywriting  Trust. It's all a matter of trust.Every detail is important, from the hosting of your website in your own domain to the stories you tell and how well you tell them to the images you publish and the consistent and frequent publication of content.Everything counts when it comes to creating trust in you and quashing the influence of the evil troll.If you give your clients any reason - however minimal it may be to distrust you -, they will fear and distrust you.  So, how do you generate trust and prevent your escape room’s clients being influenced by the troll?  With two key ingredients in Copywriting: 01 Anticipate and resolve objections   If you believe that some aspect of escape room business could raise any doubt or objection to your potential customer, address it.Don’t let the troll multiply their doubts and instigate fear.When you try to sell an experience online you are generally not in a position to discuss the ins and outs of that product in person with your client.So, you have to anticipate the aspect of that experience that will make them doubt.And when the Fear troll begins to whisper in their ears, his arguments will have no basis and will disappear into oblivion.For example,If your chosen images for your escape room’s website which are a little too scary, many of your clients might be put off by an excessively creepy atmosphere.Many of them might not like it.Many want to bring their families, but they’d rather not enclose them in a spooky place.Let them know.The Cipher Room in Sydney, very intelligently explains that:

The Cabin > Is Atmospherically creepy content (but not scary) and no jump scares. From 12 years upwards, based on parental discretion.

While The Marlow Hotel > Has no scary content, so it’s perfect for families!.

When you write your escape room’s website try to anticipate and resolve any objections that your potential client might have.Start by creating a list of all their possible doubts and objections, and then add information to your texts that eliminate or alleviate them.Your list can include elements such as:

• Why should I believe you? Highlight your credentials, experience, awards, mentions, etc.

• What happens if I don’t like it? Highlight testimonials from customers who have enjoyed the experience.

• It’s too expensive, there are cheaper rooms and experiences out there. Debate explaining how you have come up to that price and demonstrate the value of your particular rooms and stories.

If you manage to rebut all their objections, there will be no troll terrorising your clients!

  02 Testimonials and Guarantees Clients’ testimonials will not only help your escape room clients’ quench any objections they may have, but they will also give credibility to your business.Copywriting helps you create a conversation with your client, establish an interactive dialogue, and tell a story.Reviews are a very important part of that story.Because, while your escape room business today might be highly digitised, your clients’ decision-making process is the same humans have followed for yonks.Years ago, we used to ask friends for suggestions on where to go for a good time.Today, we read reviews on the web or we ask our Facebook groups or communities in other social media platforms.So, same process, different format.Some suggest you can also strengthen your clients’ trust in you by offering a money-back guarantee.But, that’s up to you.You can demonstrate the intention of returning their money if they are not satisfied with the experience in your escape room. And while that’s a very powerful strategy that is telling potential clients you have so much confidence in the quality of your room that you are sure they will not be disappointed, it really depends on your business model.Perhaps you don’t feel comfortable about it.And that’s ok.That’s totally up to you JIn any case, if you still need a hand fighting off these unpleasant brutes, talk to the team of copywriters and storytellers at Coco Station.Our no-nonsense policy will ensure your escape room’s website is free from client scarring green beast with bad breath!  Ready to be teletransported to Coco Station? Let’s go!!  

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Digital communication lessons from Johnny Mnemonic


(Or why you must search for your escape room’s target audience at all costs!)

  "I want my shirts laundered like they do at the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo".That was his ambition.That was Johnny’s aim in life.And that was how he explained it to those who didn’t understand why he risked his life transporting data in his brain for money.He wanted to do his job and be paid generously.He didn’t really care that the information in his mind could be dangerous or unethical.Johnny wanted to live well.Dress to impress.And enjoy the few good things left in that depressing dystopian society in which he struggled to survive.But one day, the path to his dreams was abruptly interrupted. Film poster from Johnny Mnemonic - Copyright 1995, Sony Pictures A client hires him to get 320 Gigabytes of secret information from Beijing and take it to Newark, United States.A very dangerous mission that exceeds the 160 GB of data tolerated by his brain implant.But Johnny wants his shirts to be as well laundered as they do at the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo.And Johnny takes a risk even knowing that the overload will kill him if he doesn’t extract the data from his mind within 72 hours.Suddenly, the door gets violently knocked down and a group of yakuzas interrupts the transmission of information in Johnny’s head.He manages to flee in time but without knowing exactly who the recipient of all that data is.A desperate search begins to find the only person who has the password that will allow him to extract the lethal information he has stored in his mind.

Johnny begins a desperate search to find his client.

  A search that could cost him his life.Nope! As an escape room business owner your life doesn’t depend on a life and death kind of search like Johnny’s!(Or perhaps it does? :))And no, you don’t have 72 hours to find that unique person who has the key to your escape rooms business.But, you MUST you find him or her.Search high and low for them as your clients do in your immersive games!And when you find them, make sure you get to know them as well as the palm of your hand.Because only he or she hides the secret code to open the door of your dreams (which hopefully will be slightly different from poor Johnny’s!).  Why it’s so important you find your escape room business’ target market at all costs Sometimes in life we experience what is known as “Love at first sight".  Sometimes in life we experience what is known as “Love at first sight".You’ve lived it and you know how it feels! It’s madness!An inexplicable chemical reaction that immerses us in a trance of emotions and sensations compelling us to do anything to be with that person who has stolen our hearts.It's pure chemistry.A totally uncontrollable experience.Well, in digital marketing we also look for that instantaneous and uncontrollable crush.We want the customer to go crazy for us when they arrive at our website!We want to make him or her go head over heels about us!We want them to look at our website and/or brand and say: yes, indeed! This is the copywriter/web designer/escape room I'm looking for.But in digital marketing we want a little more than a one-night stand.We want to go beyond the initial chemistry and infatuation.We want to develop a real and deep connection with our visitors, potential customers, customers, subscribers, fans, etc...For your (virtual) client to "love you" we have to do exactly the same thing that we would do with our real-life partners, with our children, with our mother, with our friends: we have to spoil them, empathise with their feelings, listen to them, respect them, spend quality time with them, nurture them, and feel happy to be part of their lives ...We want, in short, to maintain a respectful, attentive, cheerful and lasting communication.Easier said than done, right?!How do we usually do it?How do you convince that special person in your (real) life that you value them every single day?You use your language.Your words and your body language.To a large extent, your words show that the connection is alive, for the good and for the bad.The same happens if we extrapolate this concept to the world of digital communication.Your words, your tone of voice, the content of your message, your story, the emotions you generate...That’ exactly what makes you connect with your customers.And that’s precisely what Copywriting for your escape room will help you achieve.The problem is that there are few entrepreneurs who take the effort to know their digital partners in depth.How do we know?We know because for years before starting a Copywriting or Content Marketing project, we’ve sent our clients a form to be filled.This form helps us get to know them better, as well as their business, and especially their customers.One of the sections is called: "Tell us about your clients".In it, we ask some very simple questions such as:

Ø  Who is your ideal client?

Ø  Where do you find him/her?

Ø  Where are they located?

Ø  What problems and challenges do they face?

Ø  What can you do to help solve their problems?

Ø  What are the benefits they pursue?

Ø  What do they care more in life?

And so on.Simple questions that generally don’t get answered.In 90% of the cases we get a description not too different from this:

"Man, aged 30 to 45 interested in digital marketing" or "Woman over 40 wanting to launch a new business on the interwebs 🙂 to become independent and have more free time" or “young guys between 18 and 30 passionate about video games, sci-fi and immersive games”.

This type of superfluous information doesn’t tell me, the copywriter, much.Nor is it very useful for you, the entrepreneur.In fact, a study prepared by Edelman Group supports my anecdotal evidence, confirming that most brands don’t understand their clients’ motivations and concerns.According to this company, 51% of the 11,000 consumers interviewed in 8 different countries indicated that they believed that companies didn’t make an adequate effort to understand their needs.And only 10% said that most brands did what was necessary to know them better.That is, this study shows that there is a very important gap between consumer expectations and the ability of a business to satisfy them.34% of participants in a Responsys survey of more than 2,000 US consumers said they "broke up" with a brand because they were fed up with the irrelevant and poor messaging they were receiving.In other words: The consumer is fed up of advertising messages that don’t reflect their problems and don’t solve their needs! The consumer had enough of advertising messages that don’t speak their language! Of narcissistic brands that only think about generating traffic and satisfying Google! The consumer wants you to make an effort to understand him or her better.  That’s why, as an escape room owner your mission is to develop a message that aligns with your clients’ immediate and urgent needs.It’s not about manipulation.It’s about establishing a respectful and beneficial relationship for both parties that lasts as long as humanly possible.Yep! That principle applies to escape room businesses too!But my customers only come once? I hear you say…And what if you launch another room? And another? Or a chain of rooms?!Don’t you want them there?And don’t you want them to become your best ambassador in social media?Don’t you want them to become your best ambassador wherever they go?There you go.Your client is one of the pillars of your business.To communicate your stories, you need to know them, understand them and learn their language.How?Read on!   Convert the knowledge you have about your client into different “Personas”  The concept of Personas is not new.It’s a product of the prodigious mind of the American programmer and software designer Alan Cooper, the "father" of the Visual Basic programming language.In his first book, "About Face: The Essentials of Interaction Design," Alan mentioned there was something very disappointing about his industry.The creators of software, according to Alan, we're not asking themselves a very important question:  How does the user interact with the product that I’m developing?  In 1992, and parallel to the rapid growth of the software industry, Cooper began to collaborate as a consultant with other companies in the field, helping them design their platforms so that they were much user-friendlier.His design methodology, surprising at the time, advocated always putting the needs of the users first.In a few years, Alan Cooper began to develop some of the principles that today have become the foundations of digital design.Among them, the concepts of "Interaction Design" (ixd) and "Personas".According to Alan:"The worst mistake developers can make is not to test their products on their future users because the perception that the developer has of the product is very different from the users’ and therefore there is a risk of making a product that is tedious and complicated for users."Alan suggested interviewing future product users and identifying what made these people happy.Soon he was grouping them according to what he began to call "Personas".His first book, "About Face: The Essentials of Interaction Design", her presented a whole lot of practical design principles, including a taxonomy to guide designers when creating software.Cooper was forced to write a second edition in the face of the rapid evolution that the design sector was experiencing.On this occasion, the basic message of this book was addressed to programmers.Cooper insisted:

Do the Right thing. Think about your Users.

 But it was in his next book, published in 1998, The Inmates Are Running the Asylum: Why High-Tech Products Drive Us Crazy and How to Restore the Sanity where Alan introduced his most revolutionary concept (although it might not seem revolutionary to us today!).The message of his second book is clear:

Business man or woman: Try to find out your users’ objectives and do everything possible to help them achieve them.

 So, really, until Alan hadn’t come up with the concept of Personas, the end user was irrelevant.Thankfully, things have changed.Today, Alan’s Personas are one of the key components of any marketing strategy.According to Ardath Albee, CEO of Marketing Interactions:

“A PERSONA in the context of marketing is a written portrait of a key segment of the public of a company.

It is necessary to have personas to share content that is relevant and useful for the target audience." [1]

 According to Tony Zambito, founder of Buyer Insight and Buyer Persona Development: 

“A Person is an archetypal representation of our buyer: what they are trying to achieve, the objectives that drive their behaviour,

their way of thinking and buying, and the reasons that make them make purchasing decisions”.[2]

 So, we are talking about representations in form of characters of the different segments of our market created according to real data that reflect their real behaviour.The objective of the Persona is to be able to get us, business people, in our client’s skin.But there's a problem.As Ardath Albee says, most people rely on fictitious data.And create what she calls "Ghost Personas".Ghost Personas are irrelevant.And they can be quite damaging to our business.Can you imagine if Johnny Mnemonic became obsessed with a person because he thought he was the client he was looking for, but he was not?To him, that obsession will surely cost him his life.To you, the escape room owner, it will cost you time, effort and money.Imagine that you want to create your escape room’s personas.  You could say that Kirby (yes, always give him or her a name) is a young, creative, independent person, a video gamer intrigued by sci fi and horror stories...But how are you going to ratify it?You believe this information to be real.But, are you just making it all up?What if as a video gamer considers escape rooms not to be as exciting as the virtual games she is used to?What if she really doesn’t really like to immerse herself in horror stories?You really will not be able to know for sure if you don’t conduct the necessary analysis and research.So, if you don’t want to have your Persona become an absolute waste of time and have it become one of the characters in your haunted escape room, you must delve deeper.A lot deeper.Don’t just rely on made-up adjectives.What you are really after is what’s happening in that complex head of his or hers that prompts them to book your escape room, love it and talk about it until there’s no end!Something along these lines:

Ø  Name: (yes, you must give them a name! It will help you visualise them better as a real person)

Ø  Sex:

Ø  Age:

Ø  Location:

Ø  Level of Education:

Ø  Income level:

Ø  Family situation:

Ø  Does he or she have children?

Ø  Industry where he/she works:

Ø  Tastes:

Ø  Habits:

Ø  Interests:

Ø  Hobbies:

Ø  Passions:

Ø  Personality:

Ø  Are they satisfied with their work?

Ø  What is their primary need / interest in life?

Ø  What kind of computer do they use?

Ø  What types of blogs interest them:

Ø  Do they use social networks? If so, which one/s and how often?

Ø  How often do they use their smartphone?

Ø  What is their biggest expense each month?

Ø  What do they like to spend their money on?

Ø  What do they like to squander it on?

Ø  What bothers them?

Ø  What is their passion?

Ø  What are they afraid of?

Ø  Do they expect certain guarantees?

Ø  What do they feel guilty about?

Ø  What will make them trust in you?

Ø  What will make them leave your website immediately?

Ø  What do they expect from an escape room?

Ø  What would they not tolerate from an escape room?

Ø  Are they looking for instant gratification?

Ø  What are they afraid in this world?

Ø  What will make them book from your webpage and not from other escape rooms’ and vice versa?

Ø  When do they buy? At what time of day or night?

Ø  Do they prefer to do it on a mobile device?

Ø  Are they worried about digital security?

Ø  Do they prefer not to use their credit card?

Ø  What will make them lose patience when booking your escape room and give up?

Ø  How would they react to the content in your site?

Ø  What is their main motivation?

Ø  Is there anything that prevents them from achieving your goals?

Ø  Who do they usually go to for advice or information?

Ø  What is the value that drives them to make a decision?

Ø  When do they realise that they need a product like yours?

Ø  What doubts will they have before booking your room it?

   Your escape room’s ideal customer’s Mental Models "Mental Models" are thought mechanisms through which a human being tries to explain how the real world works.They’re not at all complicated.They’re simply mechanisms that have always existed and that we generally don’t tend to question.For example: imagine that you are buying a digital book.You don’t really stop to think about the fact that behind the screens and the wires there is a complicated network that collects your order and only processes it if you enter a valid credit card number or a PayPal account?Normally, you wouldn’t.Perhaps you do. But most people don’t.This is something we all have done for a while now and it has become a mental model.It’s not an exact image of reality – it’s just an imprecise idea that helps us understand our surroundings.And what you want to be able to do, as an escape room owner, is to try to identify your clients’ collective patterns of attitudes, perceptions, motivations, doubts, and principles and make them easier for them.What happens if their expectations don’t match your offer?Boom!His or her mind will not be able to compute it and the consequences for your business can be devastating!So, let’s think about how might your ideal clients purchase from you?Let’s have a look at any clues left in their purchasing activities that might indicate their preferences when it comes to the closing the deal.

Ø  Are they worried about digital security?

Ø  Do they prefer not to use their credit card?

Ø  Do they not have patience to go past the second page in your purchase process and easily give up?

Here we’re also interested in knowing how your buyers use the content and the copy in your site and how this affects their buying behaviour.

Ø  How do they make their purchasing decisions?

Ø  What encourages them?

Ø  What makes them doubt?

Ø  What worries them?

Ø  What’s a "deal breaker" for them?

Ø  How do they perceive your services and how does this perspective impact them when it comes to making decisions?

Ø  Where and when do they book?

Ø  What do you have that will make them book that your competitors don’t have, and vice versa?

Ø  How long does it take them to "mature" and end up booking from you?

Ø  Literally, when do they buy? At what time of day or night?

Ø  Do they prefer to book on a mobile device?

Wow!That’s a whole lot of digging into your customer’s brain!Yep, it is!And perhaps you think it’s all a waste of time!But all that information is as crucial to you like the password that will free his gigabyte-bursting mind is to Johnny.No?You are still not convinced that you don’t really need to psychoanalyse your escape room’s client?Noooo!Don’t think for a second that the client is going to knock on the door simply because of who you are!Or because of the stories you tell!Your client is extremely savvy and your competitors pretty fierce.So, go and gather all that info!Start creating Personas of your escape room’s clients.And target your rooms, your stories, your copy, your design and your marketing to the right person.Need a hand? Talk to the team at Coco Station. We love and live escape rooms and immersive games. We love and live digital communication and design. Get in touch now! [1] [2] 

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Google is a Shape Shifter and why your escape room business must always be local search-ready!

Thanks to one of its latest transformations, when you perform a search on Google, this very canny search engine will first display its own properties on the screen: paid ads, Knowledge panel, local packages, reviews carousels, online stores, news carousels, etc., Lost among all that real estate – the very sad organic search results.So what can you do, an escape room owner to be seen by your customers? How can your business triumph in the reign of Google, the new shapeshifting master?Could optimising for local search be the clue?Keep reading to find out!  The fantasy and science fiction genres have given us many and wonderful shape shifting characters.Some have been terrifying like Everyman who can only turn into someone after eating a bit of that person!Others have been rather goofy like Animal – Vegetable – Mineral Man (WTF?) who as you would imagine can transmute parts of his body into any conceivable animal, vegetable or mineral!And others have been pure awesomeness that makes us just want to give up our lousy existence and get under their ever-shifting ever-glorious skin.Like Mystique. Jennifer Lawrence Films en What a shapeshifting powerhouse she is!She has such supreme command over her powers that she has managed to trick her way into several fake lives fooling and enchanting others no end!But Mystique’s position as shapeshifting queen is now in jeopardy.There’s a new shapeshifting master in town and there’s no fooling around with it!Yes, we’re talking about Google!Did you know that Google changes its search algorithm around 500–600 times each year?In many cases, it names its updates after lovable animals to soften the blow of their impact on us mere mortals.Remember Google, Panda, and Penguin?Google has become so powerful that now most of the information is carefully guarded on its servers instead of on the web itself.This way, Google has the power to carefully curate what you and I see online.Meaning?Meaning that it has the power to feature its own products over an organic web page.That’s why if you’ve done a search lately, you would have noticed that the very shifty search engine serves you with its own properties first – from paid listings and ads to the knowledge panel, the “local pack”, reviews carousel, e-commerce URLs, news carousel and so on and so forth.And the organic results?Lost amongst all this wealth of Google’s real estate.What are you – the owner of an escape room or any other brick and mortar business – to do to get seen by your clients?How is your escape room business to survive Google’s reign – the new shapeshifting master?Don’t fight it.You can’t.This sneaky shapeshifter has become too powerful!Surrender to Google’s new empire!Play its game!Boost your search ranking by being the best you can be within Google’s features and properties!How?The following suggestions will help you:  1.       Make your Google My Business listing the brightest star in the Google Universe! You’re probably familiar with Google My Business Listing.In the master’s own words:“Google My Business is a free and easy-to-use tool for businesses and organizations to manage their online presence across Google, including Search and Maps.”In other words, it’s that listing that appears in your search results when you conduct a search along the lines of:Escape rooms in Sydney and you get something like this:  Google My Business (GMB) listing is a key first step in your escape room business’ local SEO strategy. So, if you haven’t claimed your profile, go ahead and verify it asap!If you don’t your chances of showing up in Google’s Local Pack, Local Finder, Google Maps, and organic rankings in general are...hmmm… nil!Just bear in mind that by applying its shapeshifting power, Google has once again updated GMB.Good news overall as its new features help capture users’ attention and increase how you rank in local search results.You now have super cool functionalities like Google Posts -  mini-ads that show up prominently in the Knowledge Panel and on Google Maps:  Image an escape room owner Google Posts are tailor-made for your type of business as you can post about upcoming events, new escape room launches, holiday celebrations, team building activities, promotions and a lot more!So far, sooo great, right?We are liking this new superpower in our lives!Yes, but beware!Because now, instead of having to check that there’s no hanky panky going on in your listing occasionally – I mean, prank photos, nasty reviews by competitors, etc… -  you’re obliged to do frequent, if not daily, checks.The guilty party in great part is the new Q&A feature.Many detractors argue that this has now become an open message board for the public.And you know what that means!That people skip the Q in Q&A and forget about asking questions and they go straight into leaving nasty reviews, spam and spitting the dummy in your profile.And if someone asks you a question but you haven’t had a chance to visit your panel and answer it, that can also reflect poorly on your escape room business.So, by all means!Try it out but remember one word: commitment!Not a fan?Then it might not have as much of a positive impact on your listing as you’d like it.  2.       Optimise your escape room business’ Knowledge Graph  What is that? You ask…It’s been around since May 2012 and it’s a Graph System that is capable of understanding facts about people, places and things and how these entities are all connected.It's not just a catalogue of objects; it also models all these inter-relationships.Imagine you google Tim Berners-Lee.A search for the father of the Internet will bring up his birth (and death) dates, family, quotes and a summary of his achievements, together with links to searches for his books and other relevant figures in the field.  Can your escape room have a similarly sophisticated graph all to itself?For sure!Thanks to Google My Business (GMB) you can add much richer content than the standard images and basic listing information you used to.We’ve already talked about features like Google Posts and Google Q&A.And you also have Google Messaging which allows you to privately respond to a customer and Google Bookings which offer your escape room clients the possibility to reserve a room by means of your GMB account.In time, this will create a valuable source of content about your escape room business that Google will looove!Being an obedient little subject to the new Shapeshifter master does pay in the long term!And make sure your escape room business’ content marketing strategy is outstanding!This is key.As always.If it isn’t and the type of content you are sharing is not up to the master’s standards, you’ll be discarded without as much as a “get out of here”!In Google’s realm, there’s no pity or compassion!  3.       Make your web content the second brightest star in the Google Universe! But not too bright!Let me explain.Google loves to give its searchers pearls of wisdom now known as (pretty little) snippets.What are Google Snippets?Snippets are excerpts from your web page selected by Google on the basis of it being a great answer for what it’s looking for. Something like: What is an escape room?What is virtual reality?Are escape rooms good for team building?And so on…Most business would go ahead and try to provide a clear answer (bullet points will make Google smile!) to appear right a the top of the rankings.What’s the problem with that?That the user gets the information it needs from Google without having to go to your escape room’s website.And that’s the last thing you want.You want him or her to explore.Snippets will shorten discovery potential tremendously.So be smart about the way you write your content.Make sure you provide all the necessary answers to your customers’ common questions but make sure you do it for them, not for the master (and I say so at the expense of a potentially severe punishment from above!).When it comes to copywriting and SEO for your escape room business, your customer comes first!  4. Bow to the master and consider taking up Google ads  Google it's playing its game very smartly.Google AdWords ads are taking up most of the local search engine result pages (SERP) results.In legal services, this share comes up close to 70%.So is in the Automotive industry.If you are prepared to pay, you will be rewarded with the golden crown.It’s as simple as that. Pleasing Google it’s not easy.But remember – in your escape room universe Google is not all.If your messaging is appealing to your audience…If your web is attractive and gets him/her immerse in the story from the go…If your videos are fun and tell a story that is waiting to be played…You will win.And we can help! Visit us at Coco Station. You’re guaranteed to love our teleporting device and the creative waters in planet Coco! Ready?  

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How to write a landing page for your Escape Room that causes a bang as loud as Thanos’!

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven't yet watched Avengers: Infinity Wars, please skip to What's a Sales or Landing Page and why does your escape room business need one! Wow! And what a bang it was!Thanos left us all flabbergasted and imploring to some (any) almighty being not to take Star-Lord and the Guardians of the Galaxy from us!Not them!Cant’ believe that he mercilessly annihilated half of the Marvel universe!

Sure, it took him his time to gather all the infinite stones, but when he finally had the five of them in his possession all it took was a snap of his fingers to cause an apocalyptic bang that sent our beloved superheroes to who knows where.

Cover to Infinity Gauntlet third edition TPB (2011) art by George Pérez in And no, we're not saying that the goal of your landing or sales page should be to exterminate the population!But, it certainly does have to resonate strongly with your escape room’s business target audience.Very strongly.But how will I cause such an impact?Words.Structure.Design.The infinite stones of your landing page.But first:What’s a sales or landing page and why does your escape room business need one? Focus.It’s all about the focus.In a landing page, your customer doesn’t get distracted with sidebars, menus, blogs and other services.In a landing page, every single element is carefully designed to guide your customer with each of its elements towards your goal: to book your new escape room, for instance.Imagine that you’ve invested a fortune in creating a totally unique universe and you are about to open it to the public.Fourth (or fifth!) generation challenges, technology, ambiance, story… you’ve got it all!  A landing page will showcase all those elements and we’ll multiply your customers’ interest in that particular new product.We can talk about your great other escape rooms at some other time.Now, what you really want is to tell the entire world about your latest pride and joy!Of course, that landing, alone will not reach all its potential!But if you promote it with some smart digital marketing strategies, your bang will be louder and much more effective.So remember, having only one objective minimizes your user’s chances of being distracted.We’re looking for a conversion.We want an action to take place.If we distract them with other stories it will not work.But is it really worth the effort?Do you really need to create a landing or sales page for your escape room?Yes, it is.And yes, highly recommended.Being so focused, a landing page allows you to convert a much larger percentage of visitors.By having all the information they need on a single page and a clear display button that tells them BOOK YOUR NEW ESCAPE ROOM EXPERIENCE NOW (for instance), the chances of doing what you want them to do increase considerably.And while it’s difficult to say “this is what the anatomically perfect landing page looks like” – because there’s such a variety of public, offers, objectives, approaches, niches, perceptions, etc. - there are a number of common elements that characterize successful landing pages.And by successful, we mean landing pages that achieve their objectives and surpass them.What are they? Infinite stone number one of your new escape room’s landing page: Your Words.   1.       Don’t assume that visitors know you or your escape room business Nothing.Don’t assume anything.Repeat this mantra:"I am nobody and the world does not know what I offer" (but only for this purpose ‘coz it’s terribly depressing!)Starting from there, you need to write everything that a person will need to establish an emotional relationship with you and your new immersive adventure and take the action you want them to take.Everything.Wow!Yes, but don’t worry.Step by Step.Generally, I’d recommend clients who are not in the escape room business to start by framing the problems their clients face.Problems first, your solutions later.But you are different.As an escape room or virtual reality arcade (or any other sort of immersive adventure) owner, you and your customers are different and need a different approach.Your story is your best asset.Your story is your point of difference.So, transport them to the world you’ve created!Have them immerse themselves in that wonderous experience from the minute they reach your landing page.Envelop them in the magic of the story and the challenges that await them!And do it clearly.Don’t let any questions pop up in their mind.Just magic and clarity.Tell them a story that guides them through the page and ends in the action you want them to take.The famous AIDA formula of copywriting can still be applied to escape room’s landing pages.Check it out!A - ATTENTIONI - INTERESTD - DESIREA - ACTION 

Ø  Start by capturing their ATTENTION with your words. Awaken their curiosity so they’re keen to continue reading.

Ø  From there, you develop their INTEREST in your new offer until they reach that key point where they begin to convince themselves that your new escape room could have a place in their lives.

Ø  At this point, you start "toying” with their DESIRE, to the point that they want nothing less than booking your new escape adventure!

Ø  Finally, you encourage them to cross the "point of no return" and take that ACTION you want them to take: BOOK YOUR NEW ESCAPE ROOM EXPERIENCE NOW!

   2. Offer them R.O.T.I.  Return on Time Invested.That is, keep in mind that visitors who reach your landing page are investing their time in you.And you have to reward them.This is what your reader thinks:I am your potential client, I might be interested in what you present, but my time is limited. Tell me what I need to know. Tell me right away. Don’t make me look for it. I'm here because I want an amazing time in an escape room. Tell me how you are going to provide that in a way that it’s different to others. "That’s exactly what you face.So keep it in mind at all times when you’re writing your landing copy:AVOID CLICHÉS.AVOID SUPERFLUOUS WORDS WHICH DON’T CONTRIBUTE ANY VALUE TO THE LANDING PAGE.SAVE YOURSELF THE SUPERLATIVES THAT ARE UNPROVEN AND DISHONEST.Escape rooms’ clients are very savvy.Don’t forget it!The proof is in the pudding.Include testimonials from satisfied customers.Don’t have any yet?No worries!You will soon but for the time being be true, be focused and be fair to your escape room by translating your amazing story to the digital world!  3. Take the blank sheet test  Ask yourself:If I wrote the headline, subtitle, or the first paragraph of my landing on a blank sheet of paper and gave it to a stranger on the street, would they understand it?That’s the blank sheet test.Nothing special.But it reminds us that the text we place above the fold – the most visible copy – must be understood by our clients without giving them any kind of context.For example, imagine that you find this text on a page:"Lighter. Stronger. The H1. "I beg yours?The H1?This text, printed on a page and accompanied by a huge image, could work.In an email, in a tweet or in another fragment on its own, it's a mystery.Unless you're Apple.But if you add a word to it, everything changes:"Lighter. Stronger. The H1 Helmet. "Even better:"Lighter. Stronger. The H1 Bicycle Helmet ".You see: clarity.Smart, beautiful clarity 🙂   Infinite stone number two of your new escape room’s landing page: Structure  In your new landing page, every element is as important as the next.And each one of them has a clearly assigned function and place.But sometimes we tend to give the poor headline too much responsibility.We want it to:• Transmit our Unique Selling Proposition,• Convince our readers to book our escape room,• Summarize our offer,• Include the right keywords, etc.Let's be realistic!The main function of your headline is to draw the attention of the visitor and try to create sufficient curiosity to have them keep reading.But, if you release the headline of such responsibility and distribute functions properly so that all the elements do their job properly, you will have a much more efficient landing for your escape room. So, what is the function of each element?

Ø  The headling: it has to keep visitors in the landing.

Ø  The subtitle: same concept but you take it a little further, before directing them to the rest of the text.

Ø  Image/s: we want images that transport them to the world you have created.

Ø  The main text: it directly support the objective of the page, telling your story and highlighting the uniqueness of your escape room business.

Ø  Testimonials: turn the doubtful into believers J

Ø  Form: to be filled out at all costs!

Ø  Button (call to action): to be "clicked".

 Imagine that the elements of your web page are workers in an assembly line. Each of them is responsible for its function.Every job has to be done perfectly for the chain to work.If only one of them is slacking in any way, the rest will not be able to do its job and the whole thing will fall apart.If you manage to optimize each of these elements to have them play their unique role as efficiently as possible, you’ll have created a clear and deliberate path for your potential clients that will direct them towards your conversion goal.And that, in addition, will make your user experience flow perfectly.  Infinite stone number three of your new escape room’s landing page: Design Your branding, everywhere!Don’t confuse your customers!If you have invested time and money in developing a brand identity for your escape room business, flaunt it!And if you haven’t, we highly recommend you do! (and I'll tell you why in this article).Make sure you showcase your logo, your colors, your fonts, the style of your images, your icons, all the design elements that make up your brand’s DNA.And make sure they look perfect on your customers' mobile devices mini screens. And here you have it!The three infinity stones of your escape room business’ landing page!

Do you have a feeling it’s going to be impossible to find the three of them and have them blast your new escape room’s story far and wide?

Don’t have time to go looking for them in this infinite universe?

Wouldn’t have a clue where to start your search?

Leave it in our hands!

Teletransport yourself to Coco Station now and let us help you create the most jaw-dropping landing page in this galaxy and beyond!


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In a parallel universe, your escape room business might not need a copywriter. In this one, it does!


You don't need a copywriter?

After all, everyone knows how to write, right?

You are willing to pay for the web designer, for an SEO specialist, a graphic designer ...

But, not for the copywriter. You’d rather save all that hard-earned cash!

Find out why you DO need a copywriter to help you create smart copy for your website.

In this universe and in any others!

  It was a cold winter night in 1954. Hugh Everett III and his friends were indulging in a few drinks in a bar at Princeton University. As these things generally tend to unfold, the physicist had a few extra drinks and the conversation became a little anarchic. From quantum they went to nuclear physics, from nuclear to gravitation theory and from gravitation theory ... To multiverses. Multiverses? Come on, Hugh! his colleagues clamoured! ... You’re drinking far too much! We’ll call you a taxi and you can go home! No, come on, seriously! Stop to think about it for a moment! Don’t be ridiculous! But the sobriety that came with the new day didn’t erase the idea of the multiverses from Hugh’s head. As if a light had been turned on in his mind suddenly Hugh saw it all very clear: quantum effects force the universe to be constantly separated into parallel universes. Hugh became so obsessed with his idea that he tried to develop it in his doctoral thesis. EverettMag explains Hugh's Theory of "The Many Worlds" that emerged from his thesis as follows:"Every time a quantum event takes place the universe is divided into two parallel universes. In one of them, the quantum event takes place. In the other, the opposite occurs. If all our atoms and all the subatomic particles of our body were to behave like one, at the time we decide for example to go travelling, the universe splits into two almost identical universes except that in one of them, the one that we perceive, we would undertake this trip, while in the other, which we no longer perceive because it has split up, we would stay at home."If it makes sense or not, we can’t tell you because we know nothing about quantum physics, but there’s no denying that it’s bloody mind-blowing! And as cool as his theory might seem to us today, it wasn’t shared by Everett's peers. Niels Bohr, in particular, one of the fathers of quantum mechanics claimed that the theory of the Many Worlds created by this 22-year-old kid was ridiculous! The idea that every decision we make generates different universes and that there is a universe for all possible outcomes was absurd to scientists in the fifties. Disappointed, Everett had to publish a diluted version of his idea and ended up abandoning physics. Sadly, he died at the age of 51 unable to see the interest and respect that today's science awards his proposal. And the passion that the Many Worlds theory generates among science fiction fans like the Coco Station team! (And if he had seen how his theory was applied in the fascinating TV series Fringe, he would have been blown away!). Yes, and that's why you had to swallow Everett's story in a marketing and copywriting blog for escape rooms business.  Image from: Yes, and that's why you had to put up with Everett's captivating story in a marketing and copywriting blog for escape rooms business 🙂For that reason and also because his theory is the core of our new Interactive Escape Book's Plot.    The universe where you don’t need a copywriter  Imagine for a moment that Everett’s proposal was correct.Come on, just humour me! Why not?If it were true, in this world, you are totally sure you don’t need a copywriter.You think you can save yourself some hard-earned cash.Fair enough.Yes, you are willing to pay for web designers, an SEO specialist, graphic designers ...But, copywriters, nope. Not really.After all, we all know how to write, right?If I write my escape room business’ web and blog, I’ll save myself some cash. That’s your mindset.Same concept as translation (and I know that from experience because I’ve been an EN/ES translator for over 20 years in this same universe J)."My son’s studying Spanish at school, and he gets really good results! I’ll have him translate the email I need to send my client", without taking into account the many interpersonal and intercultural aspects and the thousands of subtleties of the language that the translator who has been working with these two languages for many years knows, and of which, the young man at school has no idea.The same goes for the work of a chef.Everyone knows how to cook. And it's totally true, there are great home cooks.But put them in the extremely stressful environment of a commercial kitchen, and in the first half hour they run away to never look back!Copywriters, digital content writers, translators, chefs - in this universe, everyone believes they can do without them.But if you dig a little deeper, you'll see that things are not as easy as they seem.It’s not about writing texts. It is about persuading with texts.But, you know that.You know that writing copy is not a matter of knowing how to choose four or five resounding words that show how smart you are and the many titles you have!Absolutely not.You know there's no time for that.That your goal is to seduce your potential clients…Pamper them to become actual clients and engage in a conversation that encourages them to take the kind of action you want them to take: book your escape games asap!You know all that.And yet, in this universe, you are still convinced that you don’t need a copywriter.Because, as a child you won a few essay writing competitions at school, and you're pretty darn good at writing!But, the problem is that writing copy has nothing to do with that.Writing copy is about persuading.About selling without selling.Now, that doesn’t mean that copywriting doesn’t have any rhythm and/or beauty.Quite the opposite!Because, as the geniuses of Men with Pens explain:Good copywriting is like a window in a toy store: clean, polished and invisible, offering a clear vision of the wonders that are hidden within.Particularly, in the case of your escape room business!Good copywriting truly is a clean, polished and invisible window that offer a clear vision of the wonders hidden within your rooms!That's why you not only need a copywriter for your escape room business.You need a bloody good one!But in this universe, you’re still convinced you don’t.And you write your own website’s copy.And your stories, which are the most important asset of your business, get lost amongst other Jibba Jabba that doesn’t excite your customers at all.Same old, same old!In this universe, time goes by and your bookings start to decline because competition becomes steeper and steeper.And the other ERs that open around you have brand new websites with smart copy and storytelling that transports clients to a fantastic new world.In this universe, the end is not a happy one.And one we'd rather not dwell on.But hold on!Something’s happening!   The universe where you know 100% you need a copywriter Now imagine that you have been postponing the writing of your business website all day.You're nervous because you know that copy is important.It reflects the personality of your business.And it is a very powerful weapon to attract and retain your clients.No pressure!You start to hit the buttons in your keyboard and the words don’t come out.The few sentences you manage to put together are nothing but boring clichés you've seen a thousand times on other websites.You keep trying.To no avail.All you can think when you read the two paragraphs you’ve written is this: boooring!Plus, there’s no flow! How are you going to attract anyone like this?How are you going to reflect how wonderful your project is with words that are so uninspiring?How are you going to do justice to the wonderful stories you've created in your escape room?And right there, in that very moment, you make a decision.I need a professional copywriter for my escape room business.And just at that very moment, the universe unfolds.And from an escape room owner with very few possibilities of capturing the imagination of your clients, you become an entrepreneur who knows how to delegate the most important aspects of his business in the hands of professionals.Professionals that know how to differentiate you from the rest and generate a constant flow of potential customers towards your web.That’s the universe you want to live in!Because in that universe, the possibilities of success multiply exponentially.The question you ask yourself in that universe before sitting in front of Google is the following:  How do I distinguish the Premium Copywriter from the mediocre one?   01 Experience Fundamental. The art of persuading such different audiences on the digital screen is not learned from one day to the next. Make sure you find a copywriter who has spent several years dedicated to the world of persuasive writing. And I repeat: persuasive writing, not journalism or literature, because they are completely different fields of writing.Also keep in mind that, as in all professions, copywriters are becoming more specialised.The team of copywriters at Coco Station specialises in translating the wonderful stories escape room owners create into the digital world.Stories that fascinate Internet users who are increasingly tired of reading the same thing.Offer them something different always and they will be your best ambassadors!  02 Quality of work Analyse their portfolio. Don’t forget that today, many claim to be what they really are not. So, ask them for samples of their previous work, and make sure that:- These written with the audience in mind,- They are clear, follow a simple logic and structure for the reader to follow,- They are persuasive and incite action,- They speak directly to the client, empathising with their needs and pain points,- There are no spelling or grammatical errors,- They have a logical structure that guides the client towards the final action,- They are not a simple exercise in vanity,- They are not full of technicalities, etc.  03 Knowledge of SEO principles Writing texts that appeal to both the human being and Google is a real challenge for the majority. However, as we explained in How to write online texts that seduce both humans and Google bots?, it’s very important to write texts that attract Google’s spiders without boring the human reader.  04 Listening ability In the game of digital writing the only protagonist is the client.So if your copywriter wants to impose his point of view and style without listening to your needs and your customers’, that copywriter does not suit you.You need a copywriter with a great capacity to listen and empathise with your clients, whoever they may be.  05 Humility Everyone wants to ride the digital marketing wave.The problem is that many soon become "divas" and forget that what counts is the client and the result. Copywriters of this sort only write to score points, not to achieve your goals.  06 Worldliness and creativity The good copywriter must have a highly evolved creative capacity to help him/her tackle incredibly different texts and clients - from three-dimensional printers, to tourist attractions in Amsterdam, and the benefits of hyaluronic acid against the effects of time.And all this, in very different formats.Because one client wants an email campaign, another a sales page, another a script for a promotional video, another an eBook, and another product descriptions.But how can they have such an ability to write about both cosmetics one day and mining instruments the next?Because good copywriters immerse themselves on the subject, they inform themselves, clarify ideas, meet the audience, understand the objectives of the project, and go for it!And then recalibrate and start with something totally different the next day!Because what really matters is the how, not the what.That's the copywriter you need.Where do you find them?We have a few of them on Planet Coco.And they are always willing and happy to lend a hand, no matter what dimension you find yourself in.Because, for us, you are always the protagonist. Ready to be teleported? Let’s go!   

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