Your escape room business needs a copywriter


You don’t need a copywriter?

After all, everyone knows how to write, right?

You are willing to pay for the web designer, for an SEO specialist, a graphic designer …

But, not for the copywriter. You’d rather save all that hard-earned cash!

Find out why you DO need a copywriter to help you create smart copy for your website.

In this universe and in any others!



It was a cold winter night in 1954.
Hugh Everett III and his friends were indulging in a few drinks in a bar at Princeton University.
As these things generally tend to unfold, the physicist had a few extra drinks and the conversation became a little anarchic.
From quantum they went to nuclear physics, from nuclear to gravitation theory and from gravitation theory …
To multiverses.
Come on, Hugh! his colleagues clamoured! … You’re drinking far too much! We’ll call you a taxi and you can go home!
No, come on, seriously! Stop to think about it for a moment!
Don’t be ridiculous!
But the sobriety that came with the new day didn’t erase the idea of the multiverses from Hugh’s head.
As if a light had been turned on in his mind suddenly Hugh saw it all very clear: quantum effects force the universe to be constantly separated into parallel universes.
Hugh became so obsessed with his idea that he tried to develop it in his doctoral thesis.
EverettMag explains Hugh’s Theory of “The Many Worlds” that emerged from his thesis as follows:

“Every time a quantum event takes place the universe is divided into two parallel universes. In one of them, the quantum event takes place. In the other, the opposite occurs. If all our atoms and all the subatomic particles of our body were to behave like one, at the time we decide for example to go travelling, the universe splits into two almost identical universes except that in one of them, the one that we perceive, we would undertake this trip, while in the other, which we no longer perceive because it has split up, we would stay at home.”

If it makes sense or not, we can’t tell you because we know nothing about quantum physics, but there’s no denying that it’s bloody mind-blowing!
And as cool as his theory might seem to us today, it wasn’t shared by Everett’s peers.
Niels Bohr, in particular, one of the fathers of quantum mechanics claimed that the theory of the Many Worlds created by this 22-year-old kid was ridiculous!
The idea that every decision we make generates different universes and that there is a universe for all possible outcomes was absurd to scientists in the fifties.
Disappointed, Everett had to publish a diluted version of his idea and ended up abandoning physics.
Sadly, he died at the age of 51 unable to see the interest and respect that today’s science awards his proposal.
And the passion that the Many Worlds theory generates among science fiction fans like the Coco Station team!
(And if he had seen how his theory was applied in the fascinating TV series Fringe, he would have been blown away!).
Yes, and that’s why you had to swallow Everett’s story in a marketing and copywriting blog for escape rooms business.


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Yes, and that’s why you had to put up with Everett’s captivating story in a marketing and copywriting blog for escape rooms business 🙂

For that reason and also because his theory is the core of our new Interactive Escape Book’s Plot.


Everett's Portal Interactive Escape Book



The universe where you don’t need a copywriter


Imagine for a moment that Everett’s proposal was correct.

Come on, just humour me! Why not?

If it were true, in this world, you are totally sure you don’t need a copywriter.

You think you can save yourself some hard-earned cash.

Fair enough.

Yes, you are willing to pay for web designers, an SEO specialist, graphic designers …

But, copywriters, nope. Not really.

After all, we all know how to write, right?

If I write my escape room business’ web and blog, I’ll save myself some cash. That’s your mindset.

Same concept as translation (and I know that from experience because I’ve been an EN/ES translator for over 20 years in this same universe J).

“My son’s studying Spanish at school, and he gets really good results! I’ll have him translate the email I need to send my client”, without taking into account the many interpersonal and intercultural aspects and the thousands of subtleties of the language that the translator who has been working with these two languages for many years knows, and of which, the young man at school has no idea.

The same goes for the work of a chef.

Everyone knows how to cook. And it’s totally true, there are great home cooks.

But put them in the extremely stressful environment of a commercial kitchen, and in the first half hour they run away to never look back!

Copywriters, digital content writers, translators, chefs – in this universe, everyone believes they can do without them.

But if you dig a little deeper, you’ll see that things are not as easy as they seem.

It’s not about writing texts. It is about persuading with texts.

But, you know that.

You know that writing copy is not a matter of knowing how to choose four or five resounding words that show how smart you are and the many titles you have!

Absolutely not.

You know there’s no time for that.

That your goal is to seduce your potential clients…

Pamper them to become actual clients and engage in a conversation that encourages them to take the kind of action you want them to take: book your escape games asap!

You know all that.

And yet, in this universe, you are still convinced that you don’t need a copywriter.

Because, as a child you won a few essay writing competitions at school, and you’re pretty darn good at writing!

But, the problem is that writing copy has nothing to do with that.

Writing copy is about persuading.

About selling without selling.

Now, that doesn’t mean that copywriting doesn’t have any rhythm and/or beauty.

Quite the opposite!

Because, as the geniuses of Men with Pens explain:

Good copywriting is like a window in a toy store: clean, polished and invisible, offering a clear vision of the wonders that are hidden within.

Particularly, in the case of your escape room business!

Good copywriting truly is a clean, polished and invisible window that offer a clear vision of the wonders hidden within your rooms!

That’s why you not only need a copywriter for your escape room business.

You need a bloody good one!

But in this universe, you’re still convinced you don’t.

And you write your own website’s copy.

And your stories, which are the most important asset of your business, get lost amongst other Jibba Jabba that doesn’t excite your customers at all.

Same old, same old!

In this universe, time goes by and your bookings start to decline because competition becomes steeper and steeper.

And the other ERs that open around you have brand new websites with smart copy and storytelling that transports clients to a fantastic new world.

In this universe, the end is not a happy one.

And one we’d rather not dwell on.

But hold on!

Something’s happening!



The universe where you know 100% you need a copywriter

Now imagine that you have been postponing the writing of your business website all day.

You’re nervous because you know that copy is important.

It reflects the personality of your business.

And it is a very powerful weapon to attract and retain your clients.

No pressure!

You start to hit the buttons in your keyboard and the words don’t come out.

The few sentences you manage to put together are nothing but boring clichés you’ve seen a thousand times on other websites.

You keep trying.

To no avail.

All you can think when you read the two paragraphs you’ve written is this: boooring!

Plus, there’s no flow!


How are you going to attract anyone like this?

How are you going to reflect how wonderful your project is with words that are so uninspiring?

How are you going to do justice to the wonderful stories you’ve created in your escape room?

And right there, in that very moment, you make a decision.

I need a professional copywriter for my escape room business.

And just at that very moment, the universe unfolds.

And from an escape room owner with very few possibilities of capturing the imagination of your clients, you become an entrepreneur who knows how to delegate the most important aspects of his business in the hands of professionals.

Professionals that know how to differentiate you from the rest and generate a constant flow of potential customers towards your web.

That’s the universe you want to live in!

Because in that universe, the possibilities of success multiply exponentially.

The question you ask yourself in that universe before sitting in front of Google is the following:


How do I distinguish the Premium Copywriter from the mediocre one?


01 Experience

Fundamental. The art of persuading such different audiences on the digital screen is not learned from one day to the next.
Make sure you find a copywriter who has spent several years dedicated to the world of persuasive writing. And I repeat: persuasive writing, not journalism or literature, because they are completely different fields of writing.

Also keep in mind that, as in all professions, copywriters are becoming more specialised.

The team of copywriters at Coco Station specialises in translating the wonderful stories escape room owners create into the digital world.

Stories that fascinate Internet users who are increasingly tired of reading the same thing.

Offer them something different always and they will be your best ambassadors!


02 Quality of work

Analyse their portfolio. Don’t forget that today, many claim to be what they really are not. So, ask them for samples of their previous work, and make sure that:

– These written with the audience in mind,

– They are clear, follow a simple logic and structure for the reader to follow,

– They are persuasive and incite action,

– They speak directly to the client, empathising with their needs and pain points,

– There are no spelling or grammatical errors,

– They have a logical structure that guides the client towards the final action,

– They are not a simple exercise in vanity,

– They are not full of technicalities, etc.


03 Knowledge of SEO principles

Writing texts that appeal to both the human being and Google is a real challenge for the majority. However, as we explained in How to write online texts that seduce both humans and Google bots?, it’s very important to write texts that attract Google’s spiders without boring the human reader.


04 Listening ability

In the game of digital writing the only protagonist is the client.

So if your copywriter wants to impose his point of view and style without listening to your needs and your customers’, that copywriter does not suit you.

You need a copywriter with a great capacity to listen and empathise with your clients, whoever they may be.


05 Humility

Everyone wants to ride the digital marketing wave.

The problem is that many soon become “divas” and forget that what counts is the client and the result. Copywriters of this sort only write to score points, not to achieve your goals.


06 Worldliness and creativity

The good copywriter must have a highly evolved creative capacity to help him/her tackle incredibly different texts and clients – from three-dimensional printers, to tourist attractions in Amsterdam, and the benefits of hyaluronic acid against the effects of time.

And all this, in very different formats.

Because one client wants an email campaign, another a sales page, another a script for a promotional video, another an eBook, and another product descriptions.

But how can they have such an ability to write about both cosmetics one day and mining instruments the next?

Because good copywriters immerse themselves on the subject, they inform themselves, clarify ideas, meet the audience, understand the objectives of the project, and go for it!

And then recalibrate and start with something totally different the next day!

Because what really matters is the how, not the what.

That’s the copywriter you need.

Where do you find them?

We have a few of them on Planet Coco.

And they are always willing and happy to lend a hand, no matter what dimension you find yourself in.

Because, for us, you are always the protagonist.

Ready to be teleported?

Let’s go!