Has email marketing left us for good?

Yes? Not?

Fin out how to keep it alive and make it work to its maximum potential for your escape room business!



Performed today, most of us would consider it to be an extremely cruel experiment…


Putting a cat inside a completely opaque and sealed box with a mechanism that links a Geiger Counter to a hammer, and under the hammer a glass jar with a dose of lethal cyanide that could end up killing the cat!


Obviously, not something we’d casually and unquestioningly applaud these days.

Ok, perhaps the Geiger Counter might not detect any electron and the mechanism would never be activated but just locking the poor feline inside a box with a 50% chance of becoming radioactively cooked, is a sure way to arouse a lot of anger.

And for a good reason!


Email marketing para escape rooms muerto o vivo


Yep, we’ re talking about the experiment carried out by Erwin Schrödinger – one of the greatest minds of the 20th century back in 1935.

As it has been explained ad nauseum, the quantum physicist proposed that only by opening the box would we find out what happened to the cat but until that moment it would be “both alive and dead at the same time”.

Don’t worry, we’re not about to go into too many details!

If you are keen on a “light” explanation, Sheldon Cooper has got you covered:



We’re moving on because what we really want is for you to see the parallel between Schrödinger’s cat and email marketing, a digital marketing tool which at this point:

May both be alive or may have passed on to a better life.

Excuse me?

Yes, bear with us!

In the cat experiment, his aliveness or otherwise depended on the observer.

In the case of your escape room business’ email marketing the burden is mainly on you.

Sure, there are also many external factors that increase the chances that email marketing will not come out of the box alive.

The imposition of the General Data Protection Regulation on May 25, 2018 for instance, is one of them.

For many entrepreneurs this regulation has represented a lot of compliance work and many clients disappearing from their infamous lists.

So it would not be wrong to infer that if we metaphorically locked the Mailchimp’s monkey in a box, its chances of it surviving would be somewhat lower than Schrödinger’s cat, given the fact that it starts the experiment in what’s considered a very weak state!

Is that right?

Does email marketing have barely no chances of survival?

Let’s find out its odds!


Is email marketing dying?


Metaphors aside, statistics prove that email marketing is still breathing rather comfortably!

In fact, email marketing is the preferred means of communication for 86% of entrepreneurs (source).

According to DMA, email marketing has a median ROI of 122% – over 4x higher than other marketing formats including social media, direct mail, and paid search.

And that’s without taking into account the ubiquity of mobile devices!

Because, let’s not forget that 50% of all emails are open on mobile devices.

And just you wait, because that percentage is about to grow a lot more!

It’s predicted that by 2018 the number of mobile users will reach the astronomical figure of 4,680 million worldwide.

In other words, everything points to the fact that email marketing will not only continue to breathe for quite some time yet but that it will emerge unscathed and triumphant from Schrödinger’s famous box.

But, of course, that depends on you.

If you forget that such thing as email marketing exists…

If you fall off the wagon and publish without commitment and periodicity…

If you don’t offer relevant, practical information to your subscribers, your emails will not be opened nor read.

And you would have lost your time and your money.

If you continue talking only about you …

And of your offers …

And how wonderful you are …

You are going to sentence your escape room business’ email marketing before it has the opportunity to leave its quantum box and see the light of the day.





And you will most definitely not get the results you are hoping for.

So, what do you have to do to prevent this from happening?


What do you have to do to ensure your escape room business’ email marketing campaigns are a success?

Always be alert.

Study the trends around you.

And keep in mind that users are starting to trust businesses they know that all that advertising noise we constantly hear on the Internet.

And that’s why more entrepreneurs are investing money in content marketing, influencer marketing, affiliate marketing and other methods designed to offer real value to their audience.

Be one of them.


What strategies can help you create a lasting conversation with your escape room’s clients via email?   


Segment and keep the focus on your conversation!


You’re probably sick of hearing that you have to know your client as if it were your right hand.

Well, as true as that statement is, it’s no longer enough.

Now you have to analyse each step it takes.

In addition to basic demographic data, you need to understand his or her level of commitment to your brand, especially when it comes to your email campaigns.

Does s/he open them?

Does s/he read them?

Does s/he click the links?

Which ones seem to capture their imagination the most?

This analysis will allow you to segment your customers according to their level of commitment and interest and offer them valuable content that develops confidence in your brand and leads them to book/recommend/return to your escape room.

The same applies to your sales funnel and your website.

Don’t have time for all this kind of stuff?

Fair enough!

We wouldn’t be too kind on this sort of boring thing if we had an escape room to play with like you! But if you are going to take email marketing seriously (which as you can see, you should!) you need to segment your market according to their actions and commitment to your brand.

Beware I’m not talking about male/female type segmentation!

We’ve moved much beyond that!

We’re talking about differentiating the person who keeps on clicking your links but doesn’t end up booking your room from the person who shows interest in only one type of themes from the person who is keen on team building exercises in escape rooms only…

And so on and so forth…

We are going down the very nitty gritty!

Because, as MailChimp confirms, if your email campaign is properly segmented you will get an opening rate 14.64% more than if it isn’t.

Not only that.

You will receive 59.99% more clicks.

And what does that mean?

It means that, as Mailigen confirms, if your email contains information created specifically for the behaviour, preference, and stage of the life cycle of your client, your income will be 18 times greater than if it didn’t.

Eighteen times more income in your pocket.

Not bad!

By segmenting intelligently, you also maximise the life cycle of your client, don’t forget!

Today, we no longer aim at turning a potential client into a client and then forgetting about him or her!

None of that! firing him when he had already bought!

Today our goal is to ensure that they come back.

Yes, that principle works even for escape room businesses.

Even if you only have one room.

Because one day you might want to have two rooms.

Or three.

And incorporate a virtual reality section.

Or two.

Or the latest trend in immersive quests!

You may even want to open an escape room chain someday!


For that reason, and many more, you need to maximise the useful life of your customers.

And that’s where email marketing comes in so handy.

So keep the conversation always open with well-written, well-designed emails that reflect your customers’ interests, preferences and needs.


Customise and conquer!


Do you know what’s the key element of a truly empathic conversation?

Showing interest in the other person.


To listen actively.

To maintain eye contact.

And although in the digital world it is not easy to demonstrate that level of interest for the other person, there is a very powerful tool that can help you do just that.

We are talking about personalisation.

But how do you personalise an email?

Start by addressing the user by their correct name and include it in the email subject whenever you can.

In addition to making it clear for them from the outset that you email is not spam, when they see their name in the subject of the email, the subscriber has the feeling that you are speaking directly to them.

Try to refer to that person’s name at least once in the body of the text.

Most mass email platforms allow you to incorporate a code tag in both the subject and the body of the text.

And whenever possible, make sure you share content that is relevant to their preferences.

That is, if you’ve analysed your users’ behaviour and have detected a certain group that show no interest in your themed horror rooms, don’t insist.

Talk to them about the other adventures they can’t miss out on their birthday!

About interstellar journeys!

Underground lairs!

Or superheroes in distress!

And if you can support your personalised email marketing campaigns with videos, even better!

An email with a video has a 50% more chance to be clicked than an email without a video.


Feeling a little queasy after all this segmentation and personalisation talk?

Forgive us! We know it can be a little overwhelming!

But, it’s good overwhelming!

All these tips and strategies will help you spark your escape room business’ email marketing and make sure it comes out more alive than dead.

So if you already have enough to worry about trying to grow your business

and you find it impossible to think about writing your emails, publish them, segment them,

customise them and on publishing them with videos, talk to us!

That’s why we’re in Coco Station!

To tell your fascinating story and keep your client’s attention on you, always.

 Can’t wait to chat!




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