Or your escape room's clients' "Iron Man Attitude"

It would be fair to say that your escape room’s client is rather egocentric

Not unlike Tony Stark.

Not unlike Iron Man.

Find out what you need to do to capture your escape room’s client’s attention and seduce that “Me Me Me!” kind of person with your copy!



Most would qualify Tony Stark as a selfish #$@&%*!

And would argue that all he ever has in mind is fame, glory and cold hard cash.


El cliente de tu escape room es egoista como Iron Man
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That he’s conceited, irresponsible and doesn’t give a damn about anyone outside his circle.

And that the only question in his mouth is this:

“What’s in it for me?”

But we all know that, thankfully, that Tony belongs to the past.

That’s the Pre-Avengers Tony.

Having a team of that caliber by your side and a wonderful woman like Pepper indulging almost his every whim has softened our man of steel’s heart.

But, let’s try to go back for a while to that complicated man we knew.

That cynical man who only cared about one person in this world: Tony Stark.

Because that old mindset is exactly the same mindset your escape room business’ client reaches your website with.


But are clients really that self-centered?

Yep, clients are egocentric.



Aren’t you egocentric when you try to buy a new razor on the Internet?


Are you interested in knowing the many achievements of the Gilette brand, for instance?

Are you interested in learning if the provider of gift bags you are trying to buy for your business has managed to dominate the market in less than a year, driving competitors crazy?

Or do you want to know if you can print your logo on those bags without having to buy a minimum quantity, on any material, at a good price and without headaches?

Ok. Perhaps, the word egocentrism is not the right one.

It is, rather, a combination of factors.

Among them, the fact that we’ve reached information overload levels.

Because this is what compels your potential client – who’s already focused on the benefits for him/her and has no time to lose – not to want to waste any time fooling around and finding out in a matter of seconds what is he or she about to get out of your escape room business.


That’s why, your first step after defining the infamous “What’s in it for me” is this:

Make sure your current advertising message correctly expresses the value and benefits of your escape room for the client.


Ah! But that’s not that easy when your business is an immersive experience?

What other benefits can your client seek other than to “immerse” and have as much fun as possible?

Just bear with me.

Imagine you sell T-shirts online.

In that case, the benefits for your clients could be as follow:

Ø  They are getting a dazzling quality t-shirt that would turn traffic at a very reasonable price,

Ø  They are getting a super comfortable shirt that will prevent the typical annoying problems one gets when wearing tight clothes,

Ø  They can even get the same T-shirt in different colours and not worry about what to match it with!

Ø  They can personalise it with their favourite images or logo of their business,

Ø  They have pre and after-sales support from a friendly team,

Ø  Easy payment platform,

Ø  No delivery fees in metropolitan areas,

Ø  No-questions-asked returns policy…

This would be the “What’s in it for me” of your imaginary online T-shirt business.

But you own an escape room…

Or a virtual reality arcade…

Or you are an escape room designer…

And have nothing to do with T-shirts.


Keep reading.

We are getting there!


What kind of benefits can an escape room website highlight for its clients?


We always insist that the story of your escape room is one of your best assets.

And that’s totally true.

But, keep in mind that your client cares about many other things besides a well thought-out immersive story.

Your client cares about whether or not:

Ø  Your game master is professional and knows how to respect the rhythm of each team, contributing when necessary or when asked.

Ø  Your challenges and puzzles are exciting and of high quality.

Ø  You have spent a lot of effort in your escape room’s décor to create an unforgettable immersive adventure for them.

Ø  During team building sessions you allow one of the team members (usually the “chief”) to observe them from the control room.

Ø  They can pay comfortably and safely on your website or if you only accept cash payments at your physical location.

Ø  You have a return policy.

Ø  You offer some type of refreshment.

Ø  You offer sort of discount when they return for a second time to try another room.

Ø  You have deals with other local businesses to offer a complete experience (restaurants, bars, massage centres, etc.).


The list goes on!

But, unfortunately, very few escape room businesses clearly expose the benefits for their clients in their website copy.

So, please don’t forget – mindset Tony Stark!



Your client arrives at your escape room’s website with a pre-avengers Tony Stark mindset!

So show him or her what benefits can expect clearly and quickly.

Need help?

That’s exactly what the copywriters at Coco Station are for?

We specialise in communication for the exciting immersive games industry.

And we know how to capture the attention of the Tony Starks in your life!

Let’s talk!


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